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Discover Basel Switzerland on a Post-Trip Extension with VBT

December 22nd, 2015

Basel is one of Europe’s most up-and-coming cities. As Switzerland’s third largest city, behind Zurich and Geneva, it is perhaps the most international. Thanks to suburbs that extend into both France and Germany, it features an array of cultural influences that come together to form its unique metropolitan character. Active travelers will love exploring the... Read more »

Explore Zurich Switzerland on a Post-Trip Extension with VBT

January 16th, 2015

Zurich is one of Switzerland’s best kept secret, morphed into a vibrant city, located amid one of Europe’s most beautiful settings—on the western shores of the crystal-clear Lake Zurich, with great views of snowy peaks in the distance.  Whether you choose to amble along the cobbled alleys that crisscross Altstadt (or Old Town), grab a... Read more »

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