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Back in 1971, a Middlebury College professor turned his passion for cycling Vermont’s winding back roads into an experience that others could share. He established America’s first organized bicycle tours, setting up shop in a barn in the lovely rural town of Bristol. It wasn’t long before Vermont Bicycle Touring (now known as VBT) started to offer bicycle tours in Europe, and then around the world. We’re still based in our home state, working out of an office in Williston, though our team and tour offerings have grown.

Meet the crew who make your VBT adventures come to life:

Tour Development Team

These vacation virtuosos actually design your trip, and they have over 150 years combined experience doing so. A well-traveled bunch, they’re passionate about exploring, and have a knack for discovering off-the-beaten path attractions. Whether they’re working with local innkeepers in France to secure the best rooms for our guests or coordinating cultural activities like wine tastings in Portugal, they’re always hard at work behind the scenes making sure your vacation is made up of fun adventures, thrilling rides, delicious meals, and comfortable accommodations.

Tour Consultants

Ready to book your vacation? Not sure where you should travel to next? Call up our friendly and knowledgeable tour consultants! These travel experts can give you the inside scoop on our itineraries, recommend new destinations, and get your next adventure booked for you. As part of their job training, VBT tour consultants go on yearly trips to learn the ins and outs of a particular tour. (It’s a tough life!) When they get back, they present their experience to everyone else on the team, so everyone gets to know each and every tour, and can pass on their knowledge to you.

Guest Services

Got questions? Our guest services team has the answers! Whether you want to ask about your tour accommodations, have questions about your air travel, are wondering if you need certain travel documents, or need to know if your custom saddle will work on our bikes, this knowledgeable team has you covered.

Timo Shaw

In his role as the President of VBT and our sister brand Country Walkers, Timo oversees all aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations, keeps in touch with colleagues around the world, and pours the odd pint at staff get-togethers. He’s passionate about helping travelers experience local cultures around the world.

Our Trip Leaders Make the Difference

Local Trip Leaders

While other companies send American guides abroad with you, we believe there is no better way to experience a new place than with local guides who take great pleasure in showing you the special places they call home.

Our Trip Leaders are more than just bike tour guides, mechanics, translators, skilled cyclists, witty hosts, entertainers, motivators, and a friendly bridge between cultures.

They are also fascinating and talented people outside of their bike jerseys, with diverse interests and passions. Join them on an adventure and you’re sure to make fast friends.

Travel & Leisure's World's Best Award 2018
Over 98%

of guests tell us they plan to travel with VBT again.

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Several years ago, I had a great idea. Instead of the usual birthday presents for my adult kids, I would give them a trip that we could take together. Not only would this be more meaningful and memorable than the usual cash or clothes, but I could get to enjoy their birthday presents, too! Being an avid bicyclist, I decided that a bike trip with VBT would be the perfect opportunity to put this concept into practice. My son needed no arm twisitng, and off we went to Vermont for the Champlain Lake tour, and what a great time we…

Shipnc, Concord, NC

The Natchez Trace Tour consisted of five days of biking at an easy pace on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The Parkway with its excellent paved surface, light, non-commercial traffic, and a speed limit of 50 mph provided a safe and relaxing biking trail of undulating hills. We travelled through beautiful forests and farmland, with opportunities to take in some of the history of the Trace. The stays in the antebellum inns were delightful with large, well-appointed rooms and excellent dining. During our stays in Vicksburg and Natchez, we learned about the Civil War battles in this area and about the…

Strawberry12, Halifax, NS, Canada

This VBT trip exceeded expectations. The mansions we stayed in were stunningly beautiful, and the rides along the Natchez Trace were lovely and well paced. Of special note, was the day riding through the Vicksburg National Park and seeing all the monuments and learning about the battle of Vicksburg. The guides and extra activities were marvelous, as were the meals and friendly folks we rode with and met along the trail.

Cricket, Charlotte, NC

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