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Mississippi Antebellum Architecture

Mississippi’s storied legacy is evident in its cultural landscape: from the fiction of Faulkner and Welty to historical reenactments of bloody battles between the Union and the Confederacy. But the ghosts of the antebellum South are no more visible than in the windows and doorways of Mississippi mansions, especially those in Natchez, the primary site of VBT’s Mississippi: The Natchez… Read More

July 12, 2018 in Travel Tips / (0) comments

Loire Couple, VBT biking France, summer tips blog

Where will your well-earned vacation take you this summer? Will it be the vistas of the American west, or perhaps the ancient and austere ruins in Italy and throughout Europe? Road trips and flights to amazing destinations are both great choices, but they require different kinds of preparation. The Friendly Skies: Have Fun Flying Taking flights to get to your… Read More

July 11, 2018 in Culture / (0) comments

Peru handicraft, alpaca wool, Machu Picchu walking tour with VBT

Even when considering the pantheon of ancient architecture from all over the world, the ruins of Machu Picchu are in a class by themselves. The remnants of this Incan city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, located at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by thick verdant forest, are reminders of the majesty of the Incan civilization from nearly five… Read More

July 06, 2018 in New Zealand / (0) comments

New Zealand Sheepdog, VBT Bike and Walk Tour, blog

We all know that dogs make great companions, but to the people of New Zealand, dogs are often more than four-legged friends. Sometimes, they’re a vital part of their agricultural livelihood. According to Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand, there are as many as 200,000 working dogs in New Zealand, many of which are heading dogs. You’ll likely see… Read More

June 28, 2018 in North America / (0) comments

Peregrine Falcon, Acadia National Park, VBT Bike Tour

The great birds of prey throughout the world stand out as some of its most majestic animals. Although you will likely encounter some debate from professional ornithologists or amateur bird enthusiasts about the topic if you ask them, there’s certainly no doubting that the peregrine falcon ranks among the most impressive of these birds. Spotting one is something every nature… Read More


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