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Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test Result Details

Vaccination or Negative Test Result Required for Tours

Until further notice, VBT requires all participants (and leaders) either to:

(1) provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccine course (one or two shots, depending on the brand) completed 14 days before the tour commences; OR

(2) provide proof of a negative test result from a COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test taken not more than 72 hours before the tour commences.

Participants may not join the tour unless they comply with (1) or (2) above. Proof of (1) must be provided to VBT by email to [email protected] no later than 14 days before the tour commences. Proof includes the original vaccination record document issued by either: (a) the health authority that administered the vaccination (i.e. U.S. CDC’s Vaccination Record Card); or (b) the participant’s medical provider that administered the vaccination.

Proof of (2) must be provided to VBT by email to [email protected] no later than the day before the tour commences. For information about COVID-19 testing, please use this link.

There also may be country and airline-specific requirements for testing prior to travel. Participants should monitor these requirements as well so they may make appropriate arrangements for this pre-travel / pre-arrival testing.

On the day the tour commences, participants will complete and sign a health screening form and hand it to their guide for review and scanning. During the tour, participants must follow all other VBT health and safety measures.

Last Updated 4.7.21

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