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Save More Than Ever with VBT’s Group Travel Program

Our Groups Tour Manager will guide you through the group arrangements every step of the way.

Here’s all you need to know to begin…

Group Organizer Perks for Guided Vacations:

  • 9 people in your group and you’ll get 50% off your trip cost.
  • 11 people in your group and your trip is FREE!
  • 17 people in your group and you’ll receive TWO FREE TRIPS! Plus, your vacation is exclusively for your group.

Please note: Waterways vacations require a larger group size for Private tours. See below for more FAQs.

Group Organizer Perks for Self-Guided Vacations:

  • 8-12 people in your group and you’ll receive $100 for each guest.

Group Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Your only responsibility is to gather your group of interested travelers for your designated departure. We handle everything else—reservations, customer service, and all needs while on tour.

For Guided vacations, group compensation is earned with at least 9 paying guests. For an exclusive group departure, a minimum group size of 17 people is required. To reserve a private boat, you need 22-30 travelers to fill some of the Waterways vacations. For Self-Guided vacations, group compensation is earned with at least 8 paying guests.

Simply gather a group of 10 travelers plus yourself on any VBT Bicycling or Walking Vacation and as the 11th guest of the group you will qualify for our free trip reimbursement.

For Guided vacations, the Group Organizer discount is calculated based on the average amount paid per person excluding Travel Protection Plan, air upgrades, cabin upgrades, business class upgrades, and applied credits. Please note: The Group discount cannot be combined with the Refer-a-Friend Program, Promotional Discounts, or Web Specials.

For Self-Guided vacations, you’ll receive $100 for each guest if you have between 8 and 12 guests in your group. Please note: The Group discount can be combined with the Refer-a-Friend Program, Promotional Discounts, and Web Specials.

You can expect to receive your check in the mail approximately two weeks before you depart.

You are eligible to earn $150 in Travel Certificates for each new traveler you refer through our Referral Program.

Yes. In fact we recommend they do just that! Your Group Tour Manager will provide you with a Group Number after you have selected a tour and departure date. Your group member should call our Tour Consultants with the Group Number at 1-855-445-5510, Mon–Fri (8:30AM-6:30PM, EST) and Sat (10:00AM-3:00PM, EST).

They will need to put down a deposit of $350 per person ($500 for Bike & Boat) by check over the phone or credit card. They will also need their contact information, special dietary requests, an emergency contact, and passport information.

If your group is flying out of the same city, we make every effort to reserve seats on the same flight if seat availability allows.

Travel advisor groups are not combinable with our direct Group Travel Program benefits.  Travel Advisors discounts are not available on direct Group Reservations and will not be considered part of the total group count for the purpose of rebates. Please contact us for more information on our Travel Advisor Groups Program.

How Do I Get Started?

For more information or to lock-in a specific trip date, call our Groups Tour Manager, John, at 1-855-445-5510 extension 3307, or click on the form below.
Groups Tour Form

September 2019

Group Travel Program Webinar

Watch the replay of our recent Group Travel Program webinar featuring John Zelig, VBT’s Group Tour Manager. Learn about the great benefits of our Group Program and how to become a Group Organizer.

Helpful hints

Below are some helpful hints from our successful group organizers. There are many ways to spread the word about your trip—here are a few that have worked well.

Host an Informational Group Meeting

Share details of your upcoming trip with interested travelers at a casual gathering or cocktail party with a travel theme. We can help!

VBT can provide Trip Materials and information to hand out to your travelers. Ask our Group Tour Manager, John for details at 1-855-445-5510 x3307.

Mail a Catalog or Trip Itinerary

Excite and encourage travelers to join your group with a personal letter and trip information. We will provide you with a catalog or other trip summary, depending on the size of your group.

Keep in Touch

Whether you pick up the phone, write a letter, or email, you need to create enthusiasm, and keep them abreast of your plans. Create a file and keep track of your contacts. Whether it is monthly or whatever frequency you are comfortable with, keep in touch.

Create a List

It could be from the clubs you have a membership in, your community or your health club, but create a large list to start to reach the widest audience. It is important to ask for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

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