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Traveling in the time of Covid

This was a fabulous trip through beautiful countryside and famous cities. It was a combination of cruising, biking, and history.


Danube Bike & River Cruise: Budapest to Prague

Danube Bike and river cruise

We had problems getting in touch with Allianz when we needed to change our arrival time in Budapest due to a flight delay. The cruise and biking were wonderful.

Danube Bike & River Cruise: Budapest to Prague

Danube Bike River Cruise in September

Nicely paced, well thought out itinerary. Easy paths with GPS guidance, though needed to pay attention closely as it was too easy to get off the designated trail though very obvious pretty quickly from GPS if you make a wrong turn. Nice to have a floating hotel so you were not packing and unpacking. Enough time for meals and breaks with great van/trip support. Ebike option was greatly appreciated

S Patel,

Danube Bike & River Cruise: Prague to Budapest

Not up to your usual standards

In general this was a good trip but there was a key failure in your promise to keep people safe and to assist if something went wrong. You partnership with Alianz to provide emergency assistance provided very little information and no real help when my wife became COVID positive at the very end of our trip and the post trip extension. Calls to VBT went unanswered. There was no information about what to do if you turned COVID positive and no assistance with finding testing resources (except for one of your guides AFTER his work was actually over) or with getting medical clearance to return home. I also question your judgment to promote this trip AFTER Emeral Waterways gave up it's testing requirement. Most passengers were unmasked and many probably were unvaccinated. You should have provided the option to postpone withour penalty under these conditions. About the trip itself, the scenery was beautiful and the food was great. The Emeral staff were very helpfu. While I really liked the VBT guides (and they were helpful when my wife turned positive; particularly Peter who helped get her in touch with testing and medical facilciities even AFTER the trip was over. This trip was a bit less organized than previous trips. Meetings to review routes and processes were a little haphazard and information was sometimes not coordinated well between VBT and Emerald. It would have been helpful to me to have an ebike with step throgh mounting but that was not available. Once again, you packed too many activities into too short a time. The cooking demonstration at the end was not worth the time. The visit to the beer-making and the boat cruise to that visit was very good. Having only one day in Vienna was a real missed opportunity. Alll but one of the local guides were very good. The VBT guide in Prague was not very good (hard to understand).

Joel F, Massachusetts

Danube Bike & River Cruise: Prague to Budapest

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