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Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla

Posted on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Story by: Amanda Dana | Travel Writer

Two Countries, Two Wheels.

Longtime VBT tour developer Kevin Wilks found himself dazzled by something unexpected on his recent trip to Scandinavia. Though impressed by classic sights like Denmark's Kronburg castle—the setting that inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet—or sweeping sea views from a coastal picnic spot, the passionate cyclist found himself most taken in by the region’s rich bicycle culture.

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Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla 4
Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla 3
Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla 5
Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla 6
Why Sweden & Denmark Are a Biker’s Valhalla 2

“In both Denmark and Sweden, the population is just geared towards biking,” Kevin says. “The cost of owning a car, fuel, et cetera is so high that the infrastructure of these countries is such that the majority of people ride their bikes—there’s a great infrastructure set up for cyclists in these countries,” says Kevin. “These are cultures that are into the environment, into staying healthy, and that’s why you see these fantastic bike trails—and we experience that.”


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That organic bicycle culture inspired Kevin to reimagine the trip, forging a combination of scenic beauty and urban flair. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling bike paths of Copenhagen or love the idea of a quiet ride along the scenic Swedish coast, VBT’s Scandinavia tour has what you’re looking for. Kevin’s newly revamped itinerary offers riders a fully immersive cultural experience across one of Europe’s most bicycle-friendly regions.

Following an optional day exploring Copenhagen, the trip heads north toward Helsingör, the historic city overlooking Øre Sound, or Øresund to the locals.

“Our guests typically like to be out in the countryside on country roads with very little traffic,” says Kevin, “The advantage to a guided VBT bicycle tour is that there’s less time on a bus and more time biking.”

In addition to a survey of the lakes region in southern Sweden, VBT’s Scandinavia Bike Tour also spends a considerable amount of travel time on the country’s western coast on the world renowned Kattegattleden, long regarded as one of Europe’s premier biking trails. In fact, nearly fifty-percent of bicycle travel time on VBT’s Scandinavia tour takes place on the famed Kattegattleden trail, a paved 395km path that criss-crosses picturesque fishing villages and small coastal towns.

“The areas that we’re visiting are diverse and focused on variety. It’s more conducive to people who are looking for longer, scenic rides. The beauty of it is you really see the countryside,” according to Kevin,

“And it’s kind of off the beaten path —you see a more authentic Sweden. It’s just fantastic riding for our guests.”

Check out our Scandinavia: Denmark & Sweden tour!

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