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Why is VBT Trip Leader Andrea Excited About our Self-Guided Adventures? 4
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Why is VBT Trip Leader Andrea Excited About our Self-Guided Adventures?

Posted on Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Story by: Amanda Dana | Travel Writer

An eight-year veteran trip leader with VBT, Andrea is originally from Slovakia. She moved to Spain to attend university, and ended up staying for 20 years. A former professional rock climber, she made her home in the Costa Brava region, drawn there for its ideal climate, friendly locals, and engaging culture.

Andrea helped develop our original Guided Biking tour in the Costa Brava years ago, and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to get involved with our new Self-Guided adventure in the region.

“The Self-Guided travel style is exciting, because it offers absolute independence, plus the peace of mind that comes with having support from VBT. You can choose your travel companions and explore at your own pace. If you want to sleep in, sleep in! If you want to start at 6 a.m. and have the afternoon to relax, do that. It’s entirely up to you.”

Why is Costa Brava the ideal destination for a Self-Guided Biking tour? “Costa Brava is a biking paradise,” Andrea explains. “It’s where a lot of professional cyclists go to train. It has the perfect weather, great cycling surfaces, and some of the best biking infrastructure in Europe. You can find all kinds of terrain, from hills to flat areas for cruising. Plus you have the Pyrenees as a backdrop—it doesn’t get better than that.”


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Costa Brava isn’t just great for cycling, it’s also a destination with an incredibly rich culture. “From cultural icons like Barcelona and Girona to small villages full of history, there’s so much to discover here,” says Andrea. She also points out the area’s exceptional dining options. “From casual family spots to fine dining, you can find everything. People from all over Europe come to eat here. It’s one of the best places in Spain for seafood, and we have so many amazing rice dishes—you have to try ‘arros a la cassola!’ There are also so many great options for vegetarians.”  

The free time built into the Spain: Barcelona & Costa Brava Self-Guided adventure gives travelers the opportunity to experience the area in different ways, which Andrea considers a huge benefit.

“You don’t just get to see the region by bike. You can choose to go paddle boarding or kayaking and explore the cliffside caves along the coast, experience the countryside by horseback, or spend an evening at one of the many concerts you’ll find in the area. You can make your own adventure within an adventure.”

Learn more about our Spain: Barcelona & Costa Brava adventure or check out our other Self-Guided Biking tours!

Why is VBT Trip Leader Andrea Excited About our Self-Guided Adventures?

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