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Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking

Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2019

Story by: cierra | Travel Writer

Eric, a senior VBT staff member, recently took his family on our Portugal: Porto, the Silver Coast & Lisbon Self-Guided Biking Vacation. Here’s what he has to say about our newest travel style.

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Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking 3
Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking 2
Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking 1
Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking 4
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“My kids are already asking me where we’re going next! They loved the format of this travel style. The mix of flexibility and structure was magical.”

There’s Something for Everyone



“Every day felt complete, nobody was ever bored or left hoping for more activities to fill the time. We all felt like we’d done everything and seen everything.”

Planning a vacation for a family of five can be an adventure in itself. A Self-Guided Biking Vacation includes the perfect balance of structure and free time, so everyone has the opportunity to travel their way. The Road Book with detailed route notes provides a backbone for the day, while also offering opportunities for family members to break off and explore their own interests.


A True Active Vacation

“On our Stay Put Day, my wife and I got in an extra bike ride while the boys hit the golf course and my daughter hung out at the beach. We all got some time to ourselves to spend how we chose.”

For an active family, a vacation that incorporates fitness is key. Eric’s family felt good about what they achieved each day, while also finding time to truly relax and unwind. In addition to the miles they logged on their bikes, they fit in some other favorite leisure activities.


Room for Spontaneity



“I got to spend a day riding with my daughter—other days the kids rode together and I spent time with my wife. Sometimes we all rode together in a pack—every day was different.”

Every day on a Self-Guided Biking Vacation offers opportunities to choose your own adventure. Whether to ride at a leisurely pace with lots of stops or continue briskly to the final destination, when and where to stop for snacks and meals, who to ride with—there are endless opportunities to tailor each day. 

The Ride with GPS navigation app makes it easy to leave the route for a spontaneous excursion—Eric’s family often pulled off the route for an impromptu swim, and even found an ancient church hidden off the road that they stopped to explore. 


Luggage Transport

“We didn’t have to think about our luggage at all, it was always just waiting for us at the hotel.”

On a Self-Guided Biking Vacation, we handle all of the logistics. While Eric’s family was out riding, their luggage was being whisked away to their next hotel. Each person packed only what they needed for the day in their bike bags, giving them the freedom and ease of traveling light.


Airfare and More


Why Eric Loves Self-Guided Biking

“We didn’t want just a beach vacation or just a city vacation...we got the best of both worlds on this adventure.”

With Self-Guided Air+, additional hotel nights before and after the tour are included. For Eric’s family, this meant extra time exploring the cities of Porto and Lisbon before and after heading to the coast and discovering more rural areas. They felt like they touched upon every aspect of the country and culture and got to see more of their destination.


What Eric’s Family Has to Say:

“It is such a gift to be able to have an active vacation with your (adult) children that incorporates adventure, fitness, wonderful food and hotels, time for relaxation and incredible scenery.” — Moira

“This Self-Guided Biking tour was a healthy combination of exercise, experiencing local cultures and making new family memories.” — Sophie

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