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Meet VBT Leader Nicolas
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Meet VBT Leader Nicolas

Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Story by: Amanda Dana | Travel Writer

What’s better than exploring the sun-dappled countryside and rich art and architecture of Andalusia? Doing so with someone who has called the region home for nearly two decades by your side!

An eleven-year veteran leader with VBT, Nicolas has lived in Spain since 2002. Born in Venezuela to a Spanish father and a Slovakian mother, he later moved to the Pyrenees to become a certified mountain guide. His three-year long training afforded him some time to get out and explore the rest of the country, and he found himself frequently heading south. After completing his certification, he made a permanent move to Andalusia.

“Andalusia has a very rich history that dates back thousands of years and spans different civilizations. I love to share this with guests so they can really appreciate what we’re seeing on tour,” Nico explains. “Not many places in the world have had so many civilizations settle there—and this history is apparent in the varied art and architecture of the region.”

As an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, Nico also loves the landscape of his adopted home.

“When I’m not leading tours, I surf! I love all outdoor sports—I also spend time rock climbing, and, of course, biking. From the sea to flatlands and the highest mountains in Peninsular Spain, Andalusia has everything.”

When asked about his favorite local foods and beverages to introduce guests to, Nico launches into a detailed history of Andalusian wine. “Andalusian wines are a great unknown. When people first try Andalusian wines it can take them a moment to adjust because our wines are so different, but they usually come to appreciate the complexities. The traditional method of winemaking allows the wine to create a layer of natural yeast during the fermentation process which transmits a unique flavor to the finished product.” 

Don’t just take Nico’s word for it, join him on tour to sample these unique wines for yourself! If you want to experience all that Andalusia has to offer, meet Nico (or other members of our team of local experts) on VBT’s Spain: Andalusia, Cordoba & Granada adventure!

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