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An Italian Experience: VBT Travelers Recount Their Italy Bike Tour

Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Story by: VBT | Travel Writer


Often, our most resounding travel memories are born out of happenstance. With the help of outstanding local Trip Leaders, VBT vacations are designed to foster our travelers’ natural inclination to wander and explore, making the occurrence of a delightful chance encounter possible at any bend in the road. VBT travelers, Maryanne and Rich D. were kind enough to lend us a bit of their experiences on one of our Italy Bike Tours.

Rich and I cannot wait to have an opportunity to provide feedback regarding our recent tour to Puglia, Italy. Our tour guides Marco and Giuliano were superb in every way and they worked so well together. Since Rich and I were frequently the first riders to venture out in the morning, we had several opportunities to get lost, but we typically didn’t have any trouble at the “tricky turns” as Giuliano or Marco were there to lead the way. When we did veer off course (exploring as they would say) we weren’t away for long as Marco and Giuliano found us. When we asked if we were lost, they would gently state “Just a little, of course. Follow me!”

One of the highlights of the trip came when a local dog followed a small group of us as we rode. We affectionately called him VBT or Pawsers. He started out with us in the morning, but when we stopped for lunch he appeared to find a new pack, down by the Adriatic Sea. However, when we ventured out on the road to start our trip back to the hotel, he was there with us again. He ran 20 miles that day, and even managed to run faster than we could pedal! At the end of the day, one of my fellow bicyclists asked Marco to bring him back to the square where an inn keeper offered to keep him along with her other 8 dogs. It was decided that since he appeared to be so well cared for – that Marco would bring Pawsers back to the square.

In short there wasn’t anything that Marco and Giuliano wouldn’t do to make our trip memorable. All the best, and thanks for an absolutely wonderful time.

Maryanne and Rich D.

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