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Important Passport Information

If you are taking advantage of our air package, please confirm your name as it appears on your passport as soon as possible. You can view your name in My Account and email us with any updates. Any changes to your first or last name that are made after you reserve your tour may results in name change fees from the airlines. All the following information will be required to finalize processing your tickets with the airlines and to comply with Homeland Security Rules.

Required Information

  • Your name exactly as it appears on your passport. (Please note that while we do need your middle name as it appears on your passport, it will not show on your e-ticket).
  • Your passport number and the name of the country which issued your passport.
  • Your date of birth and sex.
  • Date your passport was issued and the date it expires. (The State Department recommends the expiration date be valid for six months after the completion of your trip. Please consult the “country information” page of your destination at for details). If your passport does not meet the requirements you may:
    • Be refused boarding by the airline at your point of origin or while transferring planes.
    • Be denied entry when you arrive, regardless of the duration of your stay.

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