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Introducing Electric-Assisted Bikes on
Even More Vacations and Free of Charge!

Great for riders who would like an extra boost!

An electric-assisted bicycle, or E-bike, provides you with extra support when needed, making for an easier and more comfortable ride. The electric motor is regulated by your pedaling. It gives an added boost to your pedal stroke while cycling up hills, and responds with less power on flatter terrain. Not only do E-bikes make your ride stress-free—they’re also silent, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of your surroundings, just as you would on our custom VBT bikes.

Click below to watch a brief video about the benefits of E-bikes

now offering e-bikes on select tours

Our E-Bike Fleet & Tours

We currently offer two E-Bike models, the Fuji Bionix and the Fuji Traverse. See below for a list of tours by bike model. Please note, bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Fuji Bionix E-Bike Tours

The Bionix comes in two frame styles, with options for riders from 5’1″ – 6’2″.
Fuji Bionix Ebike Tours

Fuji Traverse E-Bike Tours

The Traverse comes in two frame styles, with options for riders from 4’8″ – 6’3″.
Fuji Traverse EBike Tours

why you may want an ebike for your vacation

Why an E-Bike?

  • Allows a couple of mixed ability to
    ride together
  • Opens up hillier destinations
  • Allows you to see more of the destination by extending your range each day
  • Same great bikes that we’ve offered, with the addition of electric assist
  • You still pedal, and feel the reward at the end of a day’s riding
  • Clean, efficient, noiseless and
    easy to operate
  • Our riding staff have fallen for E-bikes, big time!
  • They’re included in the cost of your trip

How Does it Work?

  • An electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling
  • It only boosts your own effort, reading your exertion and adding power. There is no throttle
  • You can choose from multiple levels of assist and have the option for zero assist
enjoying an e-bike on her vbt vacation

Good to Know:

  • If you choose an E-bike (which is heavier than a non-assist version), you will have it for the entire trip. If you are used to riding a higher-performance lightweight bike, you may prefer to choose such a bike and take advantage of our on-tour van transport for the uphill stretches.
  • While the electric assist will ensure that you get up that hill, an E-bike does not make up for the need to be a practiced and comfortable rider. Operators of E-bikes must be capable of and comfortable with all of the usual aspects of bike operation including mounting/dismounting, starting/stopping, pedaling, shifting gears, balancing and maneuvering in varying traffic and road conditions.
  • You may wish to rent an E-bike from your local bike shop for a day to determine if it’s right for you. We think you’ll agree that they’re great!

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