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Bike with a Boost — E-Bikes available for no additional charge on most tours!

Available for FREE on most VBT vacations, our electric-assisted E-bikes provide extra help whenever you want it—riding uphill, extending your range at the end of a long day, or simply letting you ride together with partners of different abilities. E-bikes work with your own pedaling, silently reading your exertion and augmenting it. Now, you can go faster and farther!

Our E-Bike Fleet

We currently offer the Fuji Traverse E-Bike on our tours. Please note, bikes are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Fuji Traverse E-Bike

The Traverse comes in two frame styles, with options for riders from 4’8″ – 6’3″.

Step-Through Electric-Assisted Bicycle (E-bike)

The Step-Through E-bike has upright handlebars and the same gearing as our other upright-bikes. The low top tube makes it easy to mount the bike without swinging your leg over the bike’s rear.

Why an E-Bike?

  • Allows a couple of mixed ability to ride together
  • Opens up hillier destinations
  • Allows you to see more of the destination by extending your range each day
  • Same great bikes that we’ve offered, with the addition of electric assist
  • You still pedal, and feel the reward at the end of a day’s riding
  • Clean, efficient, noiseless and easy to operate
  • Our riding staff have fallen for E-bikes, big time!
  • They’re included in the cost of your trip

How Does it Work?

  • An electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling
  • It only boosts your own effort, reading your exertion and adding power. There is no throttle
  • You can choose from multiple levels of assist and have the option for zero assist

Good to Know:

  • If you choose an E-bike (which is heavier than a non-assist version), you will have it for the entire trip. If you are used to riding a higher-performance lightweight bike, you may prefer to choose such a bike and take advantage of our on-tour van transport for the uphill stretches.
  • While the electric assist will ensure that you get up that hill, an E-bike does not make up for the need to be a practiced and comfortable rider. Operators of E-bikes must be capable of and comfortable with all of the usual aspects of bike operation including mounting/dismounting, starting/stopping, pedaling, shifting gears, balancing and maneuvering in varying traffic and road conditions.
  • You may wish to rent an E-bike from your local bike shop for a day to determine if it’s right for you. We think you’ll agree that they’re great!

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