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We all know that travelers love to share tales of their experiences and that they rely on candid feedback from other travelers. VBT’s website provides the opportunity for prospective and returning travelers to read and write honest, revealing vacation reviews. To access reviews, find the vacation that interests you, scroll down and click the “Reviews” tab on the far right. Or, for those of you who just returned home and would like to share your VBT experience, click “Write a Review” at the top of the vacation page.

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  • Tuscany by the Sea
    The Tuscany by the Sea tour exceeded our expectations. We have traveled with other bike tour companies and did a lot of research in choosing VBT for this trip. My wife and I agree that VBT provided the best value for the type of trip we wanted to experience. We look forward to another trip with VBT.
    Review Male Placeholder
    Robert, Greenville, SC
  • Classic Vermont
    I really loved this Classic Vermont trip with VBT. The fall foliage was jaw-dropping, the trip leaders were so fun and knowledgable, the food surpassed my expectations, and I loved each and every stop along the way! Plus, I now have a new group of friends, thanks to this trip! We are already looking forward to our next vacation with VBT.
    Review Female Placeholder
    Lori, Bend, OR
  • Croatia: The Dalmatian Islands
    This was my third VBT trip and 4th overall. The trip with the other company was good but there was not as much attention to detail and it was more expensive than all the VBT trips. The scenery was spectacular, the Trip Leaders were terrific, and the logistics were flawless.
    Review Male Placeholder
    Jeffrey, Syracuse, NY
  • Heart of Europe Bike & Barge: Cochem to Metz
    Our trip exceeded our expectations in every way. The biking was so scenic and beautiful. Every detail of our trip was attended to by our Trip Leaders, which made for a very carefree vacation. From the flight to the transportation to the hotels and cuisine—we were impressed and give it a high value for the money. We had so much fun with all of our fellow travelers on this tour and made some new friends and great memories with them.
    Review Female Placeholder
    Jeannine, St. Paul, MN
  • Journey Through Vietnam
    An incredible exposure to new cultures. The biking enabled us to visit small villages and market places that we would never have otherwise seen. The accommodations were first-rate, the guides were great and the entire experience was one we will never forget. Go for it!!
    Review Male Placeholder
    Richard, New York, NY
  • North Holland and Friesland Bike & Sail Vacation
    Vacationed with my sister for the trip. Just about every last detail is planned out for you in your days so it’s incredibly relaxing! We RARELY needed paper route directions with the GPS bike APP that always TOLD us where to follow & made it so much easier to enjoy the daily rides & scenery. Biking the islands, sailing the waters around the Netherlands on the beautiful ship, & exploring Amsterdam made this one of the MOST incredible trips I’ve been on.
    Review Female Placeholder
    Jane, Houston, TX


Traveler Submitted Photos

Collections of photographs taken by our travelers can be viewed at We’ve included some current favorites, below. Travelers can create their own photo gallery in our PhotoShare space: email [email protected] for information.

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Iconic Lemon Trees in ItalyPeru Machu PicchuIncredible Sculpture in ItalyVermont Champlain Valley Cape Cod Gardens Town Cove, Orleans, MAMill Pond, Orleans, MAHeart of Europe

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