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No investment pays lifelong dividends like travel—and a VBT vacation offers unparalleled value and unsurpassed quality. Simply put, no other U.S.-based active travel company offers a comparably rich experience for such a reasonable price. Our offerings regularly exceed expectations—from top-quality bikes and walking poles, dependable van support, and carefully chosen itineraries and accommodations; to superb local Trip Leaders and authentic cultural experiences that you won’t find on any other tour.

  1. 1 We Buy Direct and Pass On the Savings
    After more than 45 years in the business we benefit from very advantageous relationships with our longtime suppliers, from whom we buy direct, with no middlemen. This translates into savings for you. Plus, we do not spend on costly outside advertising because there’s no need to: 98% of our travelers come back to us again and again, and 99% recommend us to friends.
  2. 2 Included Roundtrip Airfare at Fantastic Group Rates
    We offer an affordable Airfare Package that covers roundtrip international airfare via major carriers, at rates you could never beat on your own. It also includes convenient airport transfers, plus one to two extra hotel nights at your arrival and/or departure cities. You can also customize your choice of carrier and routing, upgrade to Business Class, and more.
  3. 3 Small Groups of Like-Minded Adults
    Our small groups (average 17 travelers each, 24 on barge and sail vacations) have a huge impact on the quality of your experience. The logistics of travel—transfers, check-ins and so forth—will be faster and smoother. Traveling only with other active adults, you’ll bond over shared experiences. And your discoveries will be more authentic as you slip into the flow of daily life, enjoy personal interactions with the locals, and gain access to people and places that are closed to large tour groups.
  4. 4 The Best Resident Trip Leaders
    We know that top-quality Trip Leaders are essential to the success of any trip, so we go to great lengths (and expense) to recruit, train and hire only the best. Your two VBT Trip Leaders will be residents of the region for one very intentional reason: insider expertise. After all, no one knows a place better than a local. So while your leaders take care of the day-to-day details, they’ll also share thoughtful cultural insights … provide translations … and show you the secret places only locals know about.
  5. 5 Superb Dining
    A home-cooked farmhouse meal. An elegant dinner at a trend-setting restaurant. A plein air picnic amidst sprawling vineyards. The venues are as varied as the menus on every VBT journey, but the quality of our cuisine is consistently excellent, based on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. We include daily breakfast and most lunches and dinners, omitting a few here and there in places where there are many delicious options for you to follow your own tastes.
  6. 6 Distinctive, Top-Quality Accommodations
    Of course we choose lodgings that provide the highest level of comfort, service and amenities. But they also offer charm, character and a rich sense of place, whether it is an historic Portuguese manor house or a boutique hotel in the heart of Prague. Most VBT accommodations are small and family-owned, and are either centrally located or in settings that are attractions in and of themselves. You may notice that we use some of the same properties that our 5-star competitors use … We just don’t charge you 5-star prices.
  7. 7 Choice of Routes, Activities and Bikes
    With VBT, nothing is regimented and it’s not a race. Every day you will have a choice of mapped routes for riding or walking, based on your preferences for distance, time, level of challenge and special interests. You even have a choice of Fuji hybrid or road bicycles in several styles, plus our new, electric-assisted E-Bikes (available on 14 of our most popular tours in 2017). Our support van can offer a lift when needed. We build ample free time into every journey, and you are always free to sit out a scheduled activity if you wish.
  8. 8 Unique, Discovery-Based Itineraries
    Biking or walking is a huge part of your experience, but it’s not the only part … Our trip planners are seasoned pros, each with more than 20 years of experience designing and buying award-winning international trips. They work closely with our resident Trip Leaders to develop routes and activities that not only reveal the area’s natural splendor, but also lead to greater cultural understanding—whether it’s an evening with an Irish storyteller, or a morning helping Chilean fishermen collect crab traps.
  9. 9 Expertise, Convenience and Integrity
    In 1971 we became the first U.S. company to offer organized bicycle tours, and today, we are the leader in active vacations in 27 countries. But our business approach reflects our Vermont roots: We provide an honest value based on Yankee ingenuity and hard work. Our journeys are inspired by a reverence for the great outdoors and a tradition of neighborliness. And we treat you fair and square, with courteous, hassle-free service provided by our family of travel experts, many of whom have been with VBT for years.
  10. 1o Savings for Solos, Groups and More
    Nearly a third of our travelers are single or traveling on their own, thanks to the lowest single supplements in active travel and our share request program. Everyone earns a 5% Frequent Traveler Credit after each trip. You’ll also earn rewards for referring friends, and if you organize a group of 10 or more you can travel for free.

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