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The Perfect Vacation for Your Family’s Passions

Posted on Friday, June 30th, 2023

Story by: John Pritchard | Travel Writer


Whether it’s a skiing vacation or a thrilling goal on the soccer field, stories of adventures large and small help weave the fabric of families. What kind of story could you tell if your family went on a journey together?

The Perfect Vacation for Your Family’s Passions

Connect with loved ones through shared experience that sparks imagination. 

Whether it’s a skiing vacation or a thrilling goal on the soccer field, stories of adventures large and small help weave the fabric of families. What kind of story could you tell if your family went on a journey together? VBT vacations are suited to fit different activity levels and interests—so they’re a great way to spark adventure, create lifelong memories, and help your family connect with the world in ways you may not have thought possible.  

Where the Wild Things Are 

Parents and grandparents alike can navigate the smooth trails of the wilderness bordering Kruger National Park on an extension of our bike tour in South Africa. Track the animal group the big game hunters of yesteryear respectfully referred to as The Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo) from a safe distance as you observe these magnificent creatures in their native habitat. Cool off from a day exploring the plains with a swim in the Indian Ocean before enjoying a glass of wine crafted in local vineyards. Pedal the Arivaca Road toward Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona—where pronghorn deer, coyotes, and javelina can be seen grazing in the golden sunlight. The wilds of the Canadian Rockies are the perfect vantage point for spotting the rich wildlife of Canada—such as moose, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles. These are just a couple ways a VBT vacation can help your family connect through a shared love of wildlife.  

Gather Around the Table 

No matter which VBT tour you choose, you can expect to work up an appetite. And while the menus of delicious local cuisine shine at each locale, a bike tour of France may be best suited to families with a particularly keen culinary palette. Local chefs will inspire you with haute cuisine, fresh seafood, and iconic regional dishes harvested from local farms and on-site gardens—including ingredients such as lamb, duck, game hen, artisanal cheeses and locally picked mushrooms. Not to be outdone, VBT’s active vacations in Italy also set the stage for an adventure of the senses. Create your own pesto in a family cooking class, or hunt for truffles with a local trifolao and his trusted canine companion, all while cataloging ideas to grow your family’s cookbook.  

A Shore Thing 

Relax and enjoy stunning views of waves crashing on the rugged shores of Portugal—and take the time to reminisce about family forebearers who navigated long ocean distances. Spin along the crystal blue shores of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia—then learn about the island’s heritage and traditions from your local VBT trip leaders. Pedal along the sunlit coast of Chile—pausing to join a local fisherman on a boating excursion to gather traps brimming with colorful crustaceans. Cycle past the sweeping shoreline vistas of Greece while stopping to lunch on freshly caught seafood. Spend the end of each day wading in turquoise ocean waters off white sand beaches before supper in a romantic waterfront cafe.  

A Family Chorus 

Celebrate your family’s shared love of music and unite them in song. Pedal past the Danube’s small medieval villages, colorful vineyards, and fairytale castles by day—by night take in the acoustic magic that makes Austria a global destination for music lovers of all genres. Bring your family together for an exclusive Viennese concert with the music of Strauss and Mozart performed live by local players. Hunker down in one of Ireland’s many pubs to hear traditional music about the regional landscape, some of which maybe be focused on the ancient Druidic sites and craggy coastlines you’ll cycle past by day.  

Live Your Heritage 

The beauty of the rolling pastures and sleepy countryside aren’t the only things your family can take away from a bicycle tour of England. VBT’s carefully outlined itineraries and local guides give you a taste of—and immersion into—the country’s history in a way other travel styles can’t. Pedal past historic sites that were filmed on the set of television dramas like Downton Abbey—and explore the gardens and staterooms of Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. In Germany, your VBT tour will bring you to the homes of music greats like Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, through 2,000-year-old Roman ruins, and through the halls of King Ludwig II’s mesmerizing Neuschwanstein Castle.  

When you’re planning your next family cycling vacation, it’s easy to find VBT tours that pair with your family’s interests. These adventures can ignite new conversations, family history, and priceless memories that you and your family will appreciate forever.  

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