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Meet Melissa: VBT's Traveler of the Month for January 2014

Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Story by: vbt | Travel Writer


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A few weeks ago our President, Gregg Marston, received a lovely email from one of our travelers thanking him and saying how much she enjoyed our trips. We thought it would be nice to hear more from her about which vacations she has been on over the years and where she is off to next. One of our favorite things about providing excellent active vacations all over the world is hearing about all the different places our guests have traveled with us and the unique experiences they have had along the way. We are happy to introduce you to Melissa S. from Florida. Melissa has been a traveler with VBT since 2007 and has been on three types of VBT active vacations: Biking, Walking and Cross-Country Skiing! We asked her some question about her travels with us over the years.

You traveled on biking, walking and cross-country skiing tours with VBT, does the destination outweigh the type of activity or do you enjoy all three modes of active travel?
I love all 3 types of travel, especially the way VBT puts it all together. However, the location always compliments the activity and its seems to flow perfectly the entire trip whether I was biking in Tuscany,  cross-country skiing the Canadian Rockies or walking in Machu Picchu.

You’ve been on multiple vacations with VBT, what has been your favorite travel destination with us so far?
Really, that is like asking a mother in front of her children which one is the favorite. I loved them all really and there is something special that I take away from each trip like hot air ballooning in California, dog sledding the Canadian Rockies—yes I did the mushing—and entering Machu Picchu at sunrise via the sun gate, my God what a view! I just can’t say, too hard to pick!

What is your favorite part of a walking or skiing vacation with VBT that is different from the experience of a bicycling vacation?
The chance to slow down a bit and maybe take more of the scenery in and do different things than you normally do biking, like dog sledding or sleigh riding. Most of the biking vacations aren't in places where it snows nor has the best hiking so those trips give you a great alternative. And if you can do them all with one awesome group like VBT, why not?

In your email to Gregg you said you've referred many people to VBT. If someone is not sure of which type of vacation to take—biking, walking, or skiing—what would your advice be to them regarding which to take?
I would always start with a biking or a walking trip as that is what most people like to do. Anyone can walk if in decent shape—I went to Peru with an 80-year-old man who did Wanapuc above Machu Picchu no problem!

Where are you off to next?
This May I’m off to walk the Amalfi Coast. I love to travel so when I get the time off from work I choose VBT and know they’ll make my bucket list come true.


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