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Sure-Fire Holiday Ice Breakers … You’re Welcome!

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2021

Story by: Ken Lovering | Travel Writer

Sure-Fire Holiday Ice Breakers … You’re Welcome!

There are few things more awkward than the holiday dinner’s pause in conversation. We’ve all been there: You haven’t seen relatives or friends in a while, the chatter comes to an abrupt halt, and you feel the bike starting to tip right over. 


We’re here to help you keep the momentum. Yes, it makes sense that getting back into the groove might have its share of silences. After all, many of last year’s holiday gatherings were cancelled, so we’ve all missed a chapter or two in each other’s stories.  


But chances are good that you’ll be surrounded by others who share your love of exploring – and, if you’re lucky, your love of cycling. So what better way to break the ice than with travel talk?  


Here are some suggestions for travel-related ice-breakers sure to put the party back into high gear. So fire away! And if you ask them, be sure you’re willing to answer them!  


Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever biked?  This question may or may not lead to a conversation about travel. Maybe your Uncle Al frequently cycles along a scenic bike trail in his hometown. Maybe you’ll discover that for Cousin Carol, beauty is more anchored in memory than in nature. No matter – it all makes for great fodder for reminiscing and sharing.  


If you could have one cycling experience tomorrow, what would it be? The Giro d’Italia … a ride across America … night riding through Paris. No matter the answer, this simple question can lead to long, wistful talks about dreams and possibilities.  


What’s the most exciting trip you’ve ever taken? Like beauty, excitement is in the eye of the beholder. This is where you might discover how much exhilaration your Aunt Mary is willing to pursue. Does she rank skydiving at the top of her list? Or was it the time she took a leisurely barge cruise past the windmills of Holland?  


What’s the most memorable restaurant you’ve visited on your travels? With this one, you’ll get a real sense of what makes a dining experience important – the food, the setting, or the uniqueness? Michelin-starred restaurants are great for some, but too hoity toity for others. Maybe that burger at the tree house restaurant was sublime. The savory pho in a tiny eatery in Hanoi. The hot dog at Coney Island.   


Electric assist or not? Go! It would be fun to get knee-jerk answers to this one, yes? You might find that folks fall into three camps here: the purists who will forever rely on their own power, the hybrid riders who see the value of having a little help now and then, and the trend-setters who would never dream of giving up the motor. This could lead to a lively debate! 


If you were a guide in your hometown, where’s the first place you’d show me? With so many of us sticking close to home over the past couple of years, this question reminds us that travel can make us value all the things we love about home. Maybe it’s the vista across a valley. The history-rich library. Coffee and scones at the local bakery.  


Where are you planning to travel next? Yes, this is also a question for you! Whenever you’re planning your next Bicycling Vacation, we hope you’ll join VBT. And if you’ll be seeing family and friends at dinner parties and events, invite them along!  


Happy Holidays! 

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