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North America: Tell me more...Got it!

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Lighthouses of New England

New England is a singular corner of the US, one rich in history, diverse in its culture, and populated by people who are fiercely proud of their identity. And what could be more iconic and more representative of New England’s tie to the sea than its many beautiful lighthouses? Read on to learn more about some of the most notable… Read More

yellowstone national park waterfall

As Americans, it is all too easy to take the beauty of our own country for granted. Gorgeous locales such as Yellowstone National Park, a spotlight on Yellowstone & Grand Teton: Walking America’s First National Park, will surprise, enchant and delight even those who think they’ve seen everything the US has to offer. It’s impossible to visit Yellowstone without spending… Read More

Mississippi Antebellum Architecture

Mississippi’s storied legacy is evident in its cultural landscape: from the fiction of Faulkner and Welty to historical reenactments of bloody battles between the Union and the Confederacy. But the ghosts of the antebellum South are no more visible than in the windows and doorways of Mississippi mansions, especially those in Natchez, the primary site of VBT’s Mississippi: The Natchez… Read More

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Peregrine Falcon, Acadia National Park, VBT Bike Tour

The great birds of prey throughout the world stand out as some of its most majestic animals. Although you will likely encounter some debate from professional ornithologists or amateur bird enthusiasts about the topic if you ask them, there’s certainly no doubting that the peregrine falcon ranks among the most impressive of these birds. Spotting one is something every nature… Read More

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Arizona Cacti - Saguaro Cactus - VBT Bike tour

Arizona is home to some of America’s most intriguing natural scenery. Much of what makes the state so singularly fascinating can be found in its austere desert regions, particularly the strange and remarkable shapes taken by the local cacti. Found throughout our Arizona: Saguaro National Park & the Sonoran Desert biking vacation, these uncommonly hardy plants are worth seeing up… Read More


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