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8 Things You Don’t Need to Buy for Your VBT Bike Tour

Posted on Monday, January 10th, 2022

Story by: Ken Lovering | Travel Writer


Before departing for their VBT Bicycling Vacation, lots of our guests go on a shopping spree at their local bike shop. Simply put, they buy way too much gear. Here’s a helpful list of what you won’t need to bring with you.  

8 Things You Don’t Need to Buy for Your VBT Bike Tour 3

Before departing for their VBT Bicycling Vacation, lots of our guests go on a shopping spree at their local bike shop. Simply put, they buy way too much gear. Then, when they arrive at their destination, they discover that we’ve got it all covered. 


Don’t get us wrong – we love supporting local businesses, especially bike shops. And really, if you’re a cyclist, you should make sure those owners and bike technicians are your best friends!  


Maybe you’re the kind of rider who takes comfort in traveling with personal gear that suits your wonderful, quirky self. (We know you’re out there, and we can’t wait to meet you!) But if you’d rather save time, energy, luggage space, and money, here’s a helpful list of what you won’t need to bring with you.  


Tools and tubes. Our local trip leaders are far more than amazing guides eager to help you connect with the wonders of their own backyards. They’re also highly skilled bike mechanics, able to repair the slightest malfunction on the go with their grab bag of tools.   


Saddle bag. All our bikes are equipped with bags selected specifically for our fleet of bicycles. They’re small enough so they’re not a bother and roomy enough for the essentials that’ll keep you pedaling. Plus, their no-fuss design makes them easy to detach and re-attach. 


Snacks for the road. Each morning, we make sure your saddle bag is stocked with high-octane snacks. Whether you’re nibbling on locally grown fruits, on treats prepared by your innkeeper, or on protein bars from a nearby grocer, we keep you energized.  


Guide books and maps. Your trip leaders are walking guide books, and can reveal a side of your destination that a book never could. So if you want to pack a little lighter, you can leave the heavy books at home. Even a Self-Guided Bicycling Vacation provides plenty of pointers and destination insight. And our included Ride with GPS App gives you turn-by-turn directions. You’ll never have to wrestle with a map, and you’ll never get lost. 


Water bottle. We keep you hydrated all day long. You’ll start each day with a full VBT water bottle, and you can grab refills from the VBT van as it makes its rounds. You can even take our water bottle home with you! 


Multiple jerseys and shorts. If you already have two jerseys and two pairs of shorts on rotation for your cycling at home, that’s enough. Even one of each might do the trick. Because the polyester and nylon fabrics of bike jerseys and shorts air-dry quickly, you can wash them by hand and hang-dry them in your hotel room after your rides.   


Clipless shoes. All VBT bikes are equipped with flat pedals, so there’s no need to buy clipless shoes. (Oddly, “clipless” shoes are the ones with a clip that snap into special pedals.) Bring your everyday sneakers or other comfy shoes that you slip on for active wear, and you’ll be good to go.  


Helmet. You can feel free to shop for your own helmet, of course. But we find them awkward to pack. We have a variety of sanitized helmets on hand that are sure to fit you, and sure to keep you safe.  


Pedals and a saddle. As two critical contact points on a bicycle, these are, of course, integral. For some, they can be a very personal part of the cycling experience. If your pedals and saddle fit you “just right,” bring them along and your trip leader will install them. Otherwise (of course!), we invite you to have a seat on our own specially selected saddles and pedals – and we’ll adjust them to suit you. 

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