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Active Travel with VBT:
What to Expect

No investment pays lifelong dividends like travel—and a VBT bicycling vacation offers unparalleled value and unsurpassed quality. Here’s why:

  • No other US-based active travel company offers a comparably rich experience for such a reasonable price.
  • Take advantage of our top-quality custom bikes—and E-bikes— along with complimentary Ride with GPS route notes and dependable van support.
  • Our carefully-planned itineraries and charming accommodations facilitate authentic cultural experiences that you won’t find on any other tour.
  • Two bilingual Trip Leaders are there to assist you at every turn.

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Local Leader and Partner in Discovery

Your VBT Trip Leader is devoted to sharing new discoveries with you. Each is a bilingual resident of your destination who intimately knows its cultural heritage and traditions.

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Bikes with a Boost
E-Bikes on More Tours!

Available for FREE on over 30 VBT vacations, our electric-assisted E-bikes provide extra help whenever you want it—riding uphill, extending your range at the end of a long day, or simply letting you ride together with partners of different abilities. E-bikes work with your own pedaling, silently reading your exertion and augmenting it. Now, you can go faster and farther!

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