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Although Austria and the Czech Republic are some of the youngest sovereign nations in Europe—having been officially established in 1955 and 1993 respectively—their rich cultures, derived from former kingdoms and empires, have been around for centuries.  Fascinating cities like Prague and Salzburg exemplify the joining of the old and new as they feature an array of modern buildings standing among classical structures. And of course languages and traditions don’t observe modern-day borders, making this melting pot of captivating cultures and landscapes a must-see destination. VBT offers both biking and walking itineraries that explore three different countries on one amazing sojourn. Here’s a small sample of what we have in store for you with these tour highlights…

Walking Austria, Germany & the Czech Republic: A Bohemian Rhapsody (New in 2015!)
Austria Walking Tour

Walking : The week’s most scenic walk is also its highest but don’t worry, our ascent of Mount Schafberg in Austria’s Lake Disctrict is easily attained by a fun ride on an old steam cog train. From the summit, we’ll walk along the mountain paths and take in stunning views of the valley and lakes below before returning to town via the train.

Hotel:  VBT travelers stay at the Hotel Altstadt, located right in the Old City.  The hotel brilliantly mixes its historic décor of medieval wooden ceilings and antique paintings with many modern amenities. You’ll also find sites like the Getreidegasse,  Mozart’s birthplace, the Festung Hohensalzburg and the Schloss Mirabell within easy walking distance.

Food: During our stay in Germany’s Bavarian Forest National Park, we’ll be in the good hands of the Beck family whose Landhotel Postwirt has been operated by numerous generations. Perhaps the highlight of our stay is an included dinner prepared by Josef Beck who is known throughout the area for his refreshing take on traditional culinary dishes.

Culture: Take some free time during our time in Bavarian Forest National Park to discover some of the area’s small villages. A complimentary bus from our hotel will take you first to Reidhuette, where you can check out a glass-blowing demonstration by a local tradesman. We also recommend visiting Spiegelau and its Schnapsbrennerei (Schnapps distillery) to see how the spirit is distilled.

The Czech Republic, Germany & Austria Biking Tour (Rated 4.9/5 by VBT Travelers)
Czech Biking Tour

Biking: Day 5’s ride involves a lovely forested route through Sumava National Park far from traffic and villages. We’ll even cross into Germany during our cycle at a unique border crossing that is only allowed to be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

Hotel:  The tour concludes with a night at the Hotel Stefanie in Vienna, which is one of Austria’s oldest hotels having been in operation for over 400 years! It was named after the wife of Crown Prince Rudolph, Princess Stefanie, and blends modern comfort with traditional charm. Centrally located near the Danube River on the Taborstrasse, you’ll be able to walk to sites like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Mozarthaus—where the famed composer lived and wrote many musical masterpieces from 1784 to 1787.

Food: When we think of Bavarian cuisine comfort food like beer, bratwurst, and savory treats like pretzels, kartoffelkäse and obatzda come to mind. We’ll get to enjoy some local food when we visit a Bavarian Tavern and enjoy a typical lunch, prepared by the local family that owns and operates the place.

Culture: With roots as far back as the 13th century, historic Český Krumlov is a UNESCO site that retains an old-world feel through its ornate Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic style buildings. We’ll take a guided tour with a local expert that includes a visit to the Krumlov Chateau and the town’s preserved Baroque theater, which is still used for Baroque opera performances three times a year.

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