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Traveling by boat from port to port enhances your active day by letting you draw your breath, relax, and see northern Europe from a whole new perspective. Delight in the scenery as you follow a gentle river, stream into Amsterdam along a charming canal, or watch the Wadden Islands rise into view. Along the way, you’ll be tended to by an experienced crew dedicated to your comfort and well-being. And something else we truly love and appreciate about barge travel: an intimate ambiance that really lets you connect with fellow travelers, building friendships that continue even after your vacation.

Why a Barge or Sailboat?

Barge or Sail 2018Travel by Barge
Traveling by barge offers a uniquely European travel experience. In Holland and along the Moselle, life is lived along canals and rivers—as you cruise, you’ll observe unique landscapes and get a glimpse of local life from a vessel built to ply these waters.

Travel by Sail
Or choose instead to sail aboard a three-masted schooner, capturing the romance of a bygone era and enjoying the sun and fresh air as you sail toward the unique mudflats and nature reserves of the North Sea coast—perhaps even taking the helm yourself!

A Day in the Life of a Barge or Sailing Vacation

typical day on a barge adventurePicture yourself rising to a leisurely breakfast—there’s no need to pack up, so take your time and savor your aromatic coffee under the morning sun. When it’s time to explore, step off the boat and into port and set off on the day’s adventures.

After your day of exploring, return to snacks and a warm welcome aboard. Later, a delicious three-course meal awaits. Then, the evening is yours. In most ports, you can easily walk back into town, if you wish. Or watch the lights twinkling along the shore as you settle in for a relaxing rest.

Celebrate Friendships Old and New

celebrate friendshipGliding along by boat and walking or cycling together immerses you in the fellowship of like-minded travelers, whether it’s your traveling companion or someone you just met along your route. There’s no more pleasurable way to strengthen bonds than by sharing experiences—and reminiscing over gourmet meals aboard and ashore.

Explore Another Side of Life

explore another side of lifeExperience the land you’ve come to see up close, as only bicycling and walking allow—breathing in the fragrance of the countryside, cycling or walking past historic architecture or charming landscapes, and listening to the call of birdsong or the hum of daily life. When you’re not out exploring,
complement your discoveries with the views unfolding along the shore as you cruise by barge or sailboat.

Unpack Just Once

unpack onceRelax! And make yourself at home. Your comfortable vessel is your haven for the duration of your trip. Without the hassle of packing and unpacking, you’ll have more time in the morning and evening to pursue your interests. Plus, less time transferring to new hotels means you have more time to connect with the country and people you’ve traveled to meet.

Unparalleled Service and Cuisine

exceptional cuisine and serviceA full-time staff of multi-lingual crew members is dedicated to your comfort, and with no more than 24 guests aboard, you’ll be sure of personalized attention. At mealtimes, delicious dishes using fresh, local ingredients set the standard, and savor regional wines and a sampling of cheeses at dinner. A spacious sundeck and cozy lounge and bar offer even more opportunities to socialize and have fun.


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