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Good Buy Plan

Discover your ideal trip and reserve early.

Guarantee Your Trip Price and Save with VBT’s Good Buy Plan

See a trip you like? Reserve early, lock in your low cost—and get a discount!

If economics are a factor in deciding whether to reserve that dream vacation this year, here’s great news: You can feel confident that your low VBT price will stay that way—plus, you’ll earn great savings— with our Good Buy Plan. No reason to hesitate, no “what ifs?” around air fuel increases, just peace of mind and a great experience to start anticipating.

The Good Buy Plan works in two ways:

1. Get Rewarded with a Discount for Paying Early.

Depending on how far in advance you pay, you can earn anywhere from 2% up to a full 10% off the cost of your trip.


  • 365 days or greater 10% off
  • From 300 days up to 365 days 7% off
  • From 240 days up to 299 days 4% off
  • From 150 days up to 239 days 2% off

EXAMPLE: Based on a $4000 trip price, paid 12 months prior to your departure date, you’d save $400; based on the same trip price, paid 9 months prior to your departure date, you’d save $150.

All you have to do to take advantage of these benefits is pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer (ACH) at least 121 days prior to departure, and within 14 days of making your initial deposit. Remember, the earlier you pay, the greater your discount.

2. Lock in Your Price by Paying in Full.

To keep our trips affordable, VBT has already factored a set amount into our 2015 costs to cover fuel increases. But beyond that, our Good Buy Plan provides an extra guarantee by locking in the cost of your vacation once you have paid in full. You will be fully protected against any increases in the land or international air portion of your trip, regardless of fuel costs, currency increases or other unexpected cost increases.

Our Good Buy Plan is available to all VBT travelers who pay in full within 14 days of making their initial deposit. Your discount is based on the sum of a) the open balance paid on the date you make final payment in full, plus b) any payments made by check or ACH (electronic funds transfer) prior to that date. The amount on which the Good Buy Plan is calculated does not include payments made by credit card prior to the date you pay in full, or any portion of the trip price that you pay for using Frequent Traveler Credits or any other certificates or travel discounts. Please note: the Good Buy Plan cannot be combined with the Group program.


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