Meet Debora, a VBT Trip Leader in Puglia

Debora Trippetti Puglia TL #4

If you ask any traveler about their VBT vacation you’ll undoubtedly hear praise of our expert, local Trip Leaders among Debora Trippetti Puglia TL #3their remarks, so it’s no coincidence that 95% of our travelers rate their Trip Leaders “excellent “.  You see, our Trip Leaders are more than just tour guides—they are friends, partners, caregivers, teachers, and bilingual residents of the region you are discovering. Since each leader is a resident of the country they lead in, they know the local customs and traditions, as well as inside information about reliable places to shop, eat, explore, and relax while on a VBT vacation. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have about the history or native flora and fauna of your surroundings.

Last week, Debora, a native and Trip Leader on our Puglia: Italy’s Undiscovered Coast ​ vacation sent us an email along VBT swimmer, Pugliawith some pictures of a traveler swimming in Port Badisco Bay and also some wild cyclamens growing along the road.  We thought we’d share some of her pictures as well as let you get to know her a little better with the following interview. We want to thank Debora for another great year of leading trips and we, like her, are looking forward to another great season in 2014!

IMG_4894What are some hobbies/interests of yours other than leading trips? I’m a swimming instructor and scuba diving fanatic who also loves free diving. I also enjoy painting and reading.

What are some of your favorite things? I believe music is the expression of the soul! And travel, travel, and travel because it helps to keep an open mind and always be learning something new. Oh and, gelato before everything!

Do you have any messages for people considering travel to your country? Come by bike to discover a genuine and still undiscovered region! Puglia is a tongue in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where all cultures have left their trace over time…a treasure is waiting for you .

Anything you would say to convince a person to come join one of YOUR Roadside flowers in Pugliatrips? I feel like an ambassador and will be happy to help you discover my region and all the “locals” adventures that you can have here!

Do you have any final words for our readers? Please continue to travel by bike. It helps our small planet to be less polluted and it’s a perfect way to really discover another country and culture.

Meet Eileen and Naran: VBT’s Travelers of the Month for October 2013

eileen and naran

Usually we like to highlight some of our frequent travelers in the VBT Traveler of the Month series and check in to see what exciting new adventures they’ve been on. However last week, our friends at Agriturismo Montebelli—one the fabulous accommodations on our Tuscan Coast bicycling vacation—passed along a video of first-time VBT travelers, Eileen C. and Naran B., who took their first active vacation as an anniversary celebration.  Since there’s no better way to hear about a VBT vacation than from our travelers themselves, enjoy this short interview with Eileen and Naran from under an oak tree in Tuscany.

While the video covers the great time they were having on the vacation itself, we thought some of you might like to know Naran on beachhow they decided a VBT vacation was the perfect anniversary present to each other. Here’s what Naran had to say…

…About how they decided to celebrate their anniversary:
With our 30th anniversary approaching, we considered a variety of ways to celebrate, from parties, to gifts, to a number of different types of vacations. I’d heard good things about bike tours, and the more we considered it, the more we liked the idea of seeing some beautiful countryside, out of the crowds, with good food and wine, and getting some fun exercise in the process.

…About how they chose VBT:
We found out about VBT from the retired chairman of my company, who has been on a couple of your tours and highly recommended you. Since we are not much more than novice cyclists the variety of biking skill levels, your customer support services, and the cultural events in your tours made VBT sound like a good fit.

ruins 2…About how they chose which vacation to go on:
The most appealing areas to us seemed to be Italy, Austria or Croatia. We’ve been to the major cities of Italy before, but hadn’t really spent any time in the countryside. The reviews of both your Italian and Croatian tours sounded terrific. In the end, the timing and availability of the Tuscan Coast tour were the final factors.

To learn more about VBT’s Italian vacations please click HERE.