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The Czech Republic is a small landlocked country in Central Europe that is home to some of the most idyllic villages, mountains and rivers in the world. You’ll discover the southern mountains of the Czech Republic and much more on VBT’s The Czech Republic, Germany & Austria biking vacation. With diverse features from the Gothic architecture and ancient streets of Prague to the bucolic forests and valleys of Southern Bohemia, the Czech Republic is an ideal vacation destination for biking and discovery.

PragueWe begin our journey in Prague, an 1,100-year-old city built on the banks of the Vltava River. If you take our pre-trip extension, you’ll spend a couple of days exploring the wondrous sites, sampling the delicious food and beer, taking plenty of photos of Prague, and learning about the diverse history of the Czech Republic before heading south to the region of Southern Bohemia.

Southern Bohemia is a region that borders Germany where you’ll find a distinct culture and landscape, highlighted by lush river valleys lined with beautiful, rural villages. WhileKrumlov on tour with VBT you’ll spend a couple days in Český Krumlov, a unique Bohemian town, built in the protection of a curve of the river Vltava. The historical center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. During one morning we’ll cycle through a protected landscape to Plav, a typical little Bohemian village on the banks of a small river. On the way, take the opportunity to stop in the quiet countryside at Zlatá Koruna, one of the best-preserved Gothic monasteries in Bohemia.

Biking in SumavaWe’ll also travel by train through the southernmost mountains of the Czech Republic, the Šumava Mountains, located in the eponymous National Park. Šumava National Park is a UNESCO Protected Biosphere and is covered by the largest forest in all of Central Europe. Travelers will enjoy the simplicity and peace of this area, especially while exploring on an amazing bike ride through diverse habitats—from peat fields to primeval forests to glacial lakes—through the park, far from traffic and villages.

These are just a few examples of the amazing destinations VBT will take you to in the Czech Republic. To learn more about the bike routes, accommodations and cultural highlights you’ll experience on our most popular tour in 2013, please visit The Czech Republic, Germany & Austria vacation’s homepage. To request a full catalog with all of our vacations please click here. If you would like to reserve a vacation or speak with one of our Tour Consultants, please call 800-245-3868, available Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm EST.

Meet Melissa: VBT’s Traveler of the Month for January 2014

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A few weeks ago our President, Gregg Marston, received a lovely email from one of our travelers thanking him and saying how much she enjoyed our trips. We thought it would be nice to hear more from her about which vacations she has been on over the years and where she is off to next. One of our favorite things about providing excellent active vacations all over the world is hearing about all the different places our guests have traveled with us and the unique experiences they have had along the way. We are happy to introduce you to Melissa S. from Florida. Melissa has been a traveler with VBT since 2007 and has been on three types of VBT active vacations: Biking, Walking and Cross-Country Skiing! We asked her some question about her travels with us over the years.
Banff SKi with VBT
You traveled on biking, walking and cross-country skiing tours with VBT, does the destination outweigh the type of activity or do you enjoy all three modes of active travel?
I love all 3 types of travel, especially the way VBT puts it all together. However, the location always compliments the activity and its seems to flow perfectly the entire trip whether I was biking in Tuscany,  cross-country skiing the Canadian Rockies or walking in Machu Picchu.

You’ve been on multiple vacations with VBT, what has been your favorite travel destination with us so far?
Really, that is like asking a mother in front of her children which one is the favorite. I loved them all really and there is something special that I take away from each trip like hot air ballooning in California, dog sledding the Canadian Rockies—yes I did the mushing—and entering Machu Picchu at sunrise via the sun gate, my God what a view! I just can’t say, too hard to pick!

Bike FittingWhat is your favorite part of a walking or skiing vacation with VBT that is different from the experience of a bicycling vacation?
The chance to slow down a bit and maybe take more of the scenery in and do different things than you normally do biking, like dog sledding or sleigh riding. Most of the biking vacations aren’t in places where it snows nor has the best hiking so those trips give you a great alternative. And if you can do them all with one awesome group like VBT, why not?

In your email to Gregg you said you’ve referred many people to VBT. If someone is not sure of which type of vacation to take—biking, walking, or skiing—what would your advice be to them regarding which to take?
I would always start with a biking or a walking trip as that is what most people like to do. Anyone can walk if in decent shape—I went to Peru with an 80-year-old man who did Wanapuc above Machu Picchu no problem!

Where are you off to next?
This May I’m off to walk the Amalfi Coast. I love to travel so when I get the time off from work I choose VBT and know they’ll make my bucket list come true.

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