Discover Slovenia, Austria & Italy on One Magical Vacation with VBT

Biking Slovenia

VBT’s unique Slovenia, Austria & Italy biking vacation visits a triangle where Romance, Germanic and Slave Europe meet. Cultures extend across country borders and blend into one another in a diverse region like no other in Europe. There’s plenty to discover in this enchanting pocket that is full of emerald valleys and dense forests in between snow-capped peaks. With VBT you’ll visit inspiring alpine villages and meet charismatic locals and learn their traditions through cooking demonstrations, home-cooked meals, farm tours and wine tastings. To get your sense of wanderlust motivated, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 places to visit in each of the three countries on this one-of-a-kind tour.

Ljubljana Castle–
Perched high above the old town, this medieval castle can trace its Lubljana Castlebeginnings back to 1200BC when the Celtics built a structure here. Today visitors are free to wander around the grounds free of charge but there is a small fee to climb the bell tower. Visit the castle on our optional Pre-trip extension during your 3 days in the Slovenian capitol.

Kranska Gjora
—This charming village located in the Julian Alps is a world-class ski resort that hosts the Vitranc Cup every year. In the summer you can marvel at the mountain views, as it is a peaceful retreat for nature lovers. Be sure to explore the village during your visit and perhaps find a quaint restaurant to enjoy a traditional Slovenian lunch.

Lake Bleg ChurchLake Bled—This storybook setting is one of the most pristine alpine lakes in Europe. In fact, Travel + Leisure named the town of Bled as one of Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages. During you visit you may opt to circumnavigate the lake by bike or perhaps hop on a small boat to visit Slovenia’s only natural island, home to the beautiful Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. Or walk up the hill to Bled Castle, the oldest castle in Slovenia, which offers amazing views over the lake. 

The Canal Valley—In between the rugged peaks of the Carnic and Julian Alps lies this tunnel valley. In 1919, the Treaty of Saint-Germain formally annexed this area to Italy canal valleyfrom the Duchy of Carinthia. Today you may enjoy riding on its picturesque bike paths and enjoy many mountain vistas.

Tarvisio—This small commune is located in the aforementioned Canal Valley. Stroll through the town’s quaint shops or treat yourself to some delicious Italian gelato after your day’s ride. With VBT, you’ll stay at The Hotel Edelhof, a charming family-run inn set between the surrounding forests and the town center.

VenzoneVenzoneThis small commune in the Province of Udine was nearly demolished by a large earthquake in 1976. When reconstruction concluded in 1990 it was declared an Italian National Monument. The reconstruction efforts included the Cathedral of St. Andrea, home to the mysterious Chapel of St. Michele with its famous mummies dating back to 1647. Prior to burial, these bodies were perfectly preserved and recognizable decades later, leading some people to periodically retrieve the bodies and commune with their dead ancestors.

Worthersee lake
Wörthersee Lake
Cycle around Austria’s famed lake known for the distinctive blue-green color of the water and the amazing views of the surrounding peaks. Although it was historically inhabited by peasants, Austrian nobility started to vacation here as a summer retreat with the completion of the Südbahn railway.

Velden—Known as the little “Monte Carlo” of Carinthia, Velden is a town of elegant Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Veldenmansions, colorful gardens and refined lakeside restaurants. While on tour with VBT you’ll stay at the magnificent Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden, an ancient castle on the lake’s banks. Condé Nast Traveler has featured it as a “Hot Hotel” making it one of the most luxurious and innovative hotels and resorts in the world.

Mozart's BirthplaceSalzburg—Our tour concludes with a night in Salzburg, or you can stay longer if you opt for the Post-trip extension. The birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg has been a cultural center for centuries, offering a host of museums, concert venues, cathedrals and more to discover at your leisure.

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Explore Dubrovnik’s Old City and other Croatian Churches with VBT

The Walled Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia Vacations

All International VBT Vacations include optional Pre- and Post-trip Extensions that we offer to enhance your vacation travelers on our Croatia: The Dalmatian Islands biking tour have the option to spend three nights in the coastal city of Dubrovnik—often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most beautifully preserved medieval cities, especially in the “Old City”—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—which features Angel Statue in Dubrovnik Croatiastill intact medieval walls, ancient architecture, and some of the best churches in Croatia. Visitors can immerse themselves in travelers can still visit the Dubrovnik’s beautiful convergence of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style architecture that reveal its long, storied history. Here are a few of the most well-known attractions within the walls of the Old City…

Franciscan Monastery
When sight-seeing around the Old City, keep left after entering Pile Gate (the western entrance) to reach the Franciscan Monastery. The Monastery’s museum is a beautiful convent, featuring one of the oldest monastic pharmacies. Here, 14th-century Franciscan monks prepared medicinal remedies. The Monastery’s library contains ancient writings, music manuscripts, and gold and silver art objects, and is also definitely worth a visit.

Church of St Blaise, Croatia ChurchesChurch of St. Blaise
If you walk down the main street in the Old City towards the eastern entrance you’ll find the Church of St. Blaise—an 18th-century Baroque church—a tribute to Dubrovnik’s patron saint, Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise). You’ll notice a number of statues of St. Blaise elsewhere around the city as he has an importance similar to that of St. Mark the Evangelist does to Venice.

Onofrio’s Fountains
Another unique site within the Old City walls is the domed Onofrio’s great fountain. Onofrios Fountain Completed in the 15th century, this ornate fountain is located near the western Pile Gate and is the terminus of the city’s first aqueduct. Today, visitors may rest their feet on the ledges and steps that surround the fountain’s sixteen water taps. There is a smaller fountain on the opposite end of the Old City near the eastern Ploca Gate.

Croatian SteepleThe churches of Dubrovnik’s Old City are just a few of the highlights of VBT’s Biking Tour in the Dalmatian Islands. If you don’t opt for the Pre-trip Extension in Dubrovnik, you will be able to see beautiful churches elsewhere on tour.  In the main square of Trogir, the tour’s starting point, you’ll find the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, which was built on the site of an earlier church that was destroyed in the Middle Ages. In Postira, on the island of Brac, you’ll see the remains of a basilica in Lovrecina, a bay with a very beautiful sandy beach. And finally, in the town of Vrboska on the island of Hvar, sits a unique fortified church. The structure resulted from a strange but urgent need for both the church and the secular citizenry to fortify their village from invaders.

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