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Top Pastries from Around the World

A pastry is basically any food made from dough consisting of flour, water, and shortening. However, that general description can be used as the base for an almost unquantifiable amount of unique and delicious dishes from around the world. And here at VBT we know a little something about world travel. As experiencing the native cuisine in your travel destination is such a distinct part of your travel experience, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the tastiest pastries from around the world.

Apple Pie (2)United States: Apple Pie
Despite the expression “as American as Apple Pie,” this dish actually originated in Europe. However, it became widely popular among American settlers in the early 1800’s, especially in Delaware, and has morphed into a distinctly American dessert often served “a la mode” with a scoop of ice cream.

FranzbroetchenGermany: Franzbrötchen
Traditionally a breakfast pastry, this dish is made from dough, butter and cinnamon and is very common in the northern part of the country near Hamburg.

Gur cakeIreland: Gur Cake
This dish which originated in Dublin—the name is derived from a contraction of “gutter cake” with an Irish accent—is made from an inexpensive mixture of bread crumbs, raisins and a sweetener spread between two layers of pastry.

KrostuleCroatia: Kroštule
This traditional pastry found on the Dalmatian Islands will remind you of visiting the fair as a child as it is basically the Croatian version of deep fried dough.

StrukliSlovenia: Štruklji
This traditional Slovene dish is typically made from buckwheat dough which is flattened, filled with either sweet or savory ingredients and rolled up, baked (or fried or boiled) and cut into slices. VBT travelers will learn to make this on our Slovenia, Austria & Italy biking vacation.

KouignamannFrance: Kouign-amann
France, of course, is known for amazing pastries like éclairs and croissants; but is also home to this Breton puff pastry-like cake made from dough, butter and sugar.  

CannoliItaly: Cannoli
This delectable Sicilian dessert consists of fried pastry dough filled with a mixture containing ricotta cheese and topped with anything from chocolate chips to pistachios.

Basque Region: Gateau Basque
This unique dish found in Basque country is made from an almond flour cake filled with pastry cream and fruit, like cherries.

Pate ChaudVietnam: Pâté Chaud
This French inspired pastry common in Vietnamese bakeries is decidedly savory and consists of a puff pastry filled with ground meat like pork or chicken.

Smith islandMaryland: Smith Island Cake
The Smith Island Cake—which is the State Dessert of Maryland—is a local spin on a traditional English torte. The Smith Island Cake typically has from 7  to 10 thin layers of yellow cake with each layer covered in either chocolate  frosting or sometimes banana, orange or coconut.

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A Special Culinary Departure to the Amalfi Coast with VBT

Amalfi Coast Scenic

Do you love Italian food? Is experiencing the amazing cuisine one of the big reasons you want to visit Italy in the first Pizza servedplace? Then the special culinary departure on our “The Amalfi Coast & Capri” walking vacation is perfect for you. On the March 26, 2014 departure you’ll get to fully experience the wonderful tastes of this region like gelato, wood-fired pizza, fresh vegetables, pastries and Limoncello. This special departure—featuring all the great walking excursions and accommodations of our regular departures—also includes bonus cooking classes, tastings, market excursions and conversations with local chefs that aren’t part of the normal itinerary.

IMG_6473Besides pasta, when you think of Italian food what comes to mind? Pizza! We’ll learn the art of preparing wood-fired pizzas with Chef Michele in his restaurant and then get to enjoy our creations together. Another added excursion is a visit to a local bakery during a stop in Bomerano. We’ll learn all about the different pastries they make daily and get to pick out our own bread for that day’s picnic lunch on our walk. Speaking of lunch, on another day during  the vacation we’ll get to tour a typical orta—vegetable garden—and enjoy the crispy organic vegetables that we just picked for lunch.


Limoncello_ready_for_drinking!If you’re a big fan of gelato you’ll love our visit to a gelato workshop in Sorrento. We’ll learn how to make this authentic Italian treat and even get to enjoy a generous tasting of all the best flavors—which will make the day’s bike ride that much more rewarding! If you like satisfying your sweet tooth with a bit of a kick, later in the trip we’ll learn the recipe to make the best Limoncello…and also Melon-cello, Chocolate-cello and more! This sweet liqueur—Italy’s second most popular—is generally believed to have originated in the Sorrentine peninsula around a century ago. Traditional Limoncello involves steeping the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons in alcohol before mixing with simple syrup to get the delicious after-dinner digestivo. Salute!

Amalfi Cooking

For more information or to reserve a spot on one of our fantastic culinary departures please visit to view the special features for each. If you would like to speak with one of our Tour Consultants, please call 800-245-3868, available Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm EST.

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