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The Benefits of VBT’s Air Package Plus

Enhance your travel experience with our Air Package Plus, Customized Air & competitive upgrades to Business Class. Round-trip international airfare is the most costly portion of any trip overseas—which is why our competitors never include it! But we do, at our low, pre-negotiated fixed rates—including all airline surcharges and government taxes and fees. You may have already read our answers to your most frequently asked questions, but we also wanted to expound upon those and create page dedicated to Air-specific FAQs so that you will have all the information you need before reserving your tour with Air Package Plus.

What is the difference between the Land Package and the Air Package Plus?

The major distinction is that our Air Package Plus gives you the convenience of letting VBT make all of your travel arrangements. It includes our round-trip international airfare for an unbeatable price, an extra night or two of hotel accommodations as listed, transfers and the option to add low-cost pre- and post-trip extensions. Our Land Package includes meals, accommodations and use of VBT bicycles or walking poles. To review the benefits of our Air Package Plus, Click Here.

What airlines will I be flying with?

We work with most major carriers worldwide to get you the best flights at the best value. Flights will be selected with a focus on getting you the best routing available!

When will I receive my flight itinerary?

Your flight itinerary will be emailed to you soon (usually within two weeks) after you reserve your trip, but you are still free to request changes until 45 days prior to departure. If any changes are made to the flights, either at your request or by the airlines, we will email an updated itinerary to you, showing the current flight plan.

What is custom air?

If you want to arrive early, return late, travel to additional locations, or customize your travel plans in any other way, ask your tour consultant! We are able to accommodate most requests and are happy to work with you to make your trip perfect for you!

Please note: There is a fee associated with this Customized Air option, and additional charges besides the standard fee may apply.

Can I choose my seats?

Wherever possible, we will request the best seats available for you when we reserve the flights (usually a few days after your VBT reservation is made). By default, we look for what most of our guests want:

  • For a solo traveler, we look for an aisle seat.
  • For two people traveling together, we look for an aisle seat and the adjacent seat.
  • For all travelers, we look for seats in the side rows, not the middle.
  • For all travelers we look for seats as far forward in the plane as possible.

If these are not your preferences, please tell your Tour Consultant when reserving! We want to know how to make your trip smooth and comfortable!

You may see your current seat requests online any time at

Please note:

  • Airlines do not allow pre-selection of seats on all flights.
  • All seat requests are honored at the discretion of the airlines, and are subject to change by the airlines at any time.

If VBT is not able to select a seat when reserving the flight, you can contact the airline directly, once the tickets have been issued, to see if seats can be requested. VBT does not charge a fee for seat selection, but some airlines do, so if you request seats from the airline directly, there may be a fee. The average seat selection fee is $35 per flight segment. Air France, KLM, Austrian Air, Air Berlin and South African Airways are some of the carriers that routinely charge a fee for seat selection. Some flights are designated as “AIRPORT CHECK IN ONLY” this means that no passengers are allowed to select seats until the check in period, which is generally 24 hours before the flight. VBT and our guests are subject to this restriction.

Baggage Fees

Click here to view baggage fees that may apply to your flight.

Am I more likely to have a long layover or extra connections because VBT is picking my flights?

Your comfort is our top priority! When selecting your flights, we will look for the fewest connections available. While some flights will require multiple stops, we do everything we can to minimize the stress of traveling by choosing the most direct flights our partners offer, and wherever possible, avoiding long layovers.  Some destinations may require more flight connections than others.  Please contact a Tour Consultant if you have itinerary questions about a specific destination.

Can I fly out of a city that isn’t listed?

We’re happy to take requests for departure cities that aren’t on our list. When making your reservation, ask your Tour Consultant about flying from your home city. Typically, we will be able to provide routing and pricing details for your confirmation within just a few days!

Can I use my airline points or miles to pay for upgrades through VBT?

In order to offer the value that VBT is proud to provide, we work within very strict guidelines dictated by our airline partners. Unfortunately, that means that most itineraries cannot be supplemented with air miles. When tickets have been issued, you may be able use miles to upgrade directly with the airlines*.

*If your membership rules require the tickets to be issued in a certain booking class for upgrade, please tell your Tour Consultant. We will be happy to let you know whether we can issue the tickets in that booking class, and if so, whether there will be a difference in cost.

Will I earn frequent flier miles or points with my VBT trip?

If you are a Frequent Flyer member of an airline, you may be able to get credit for some or all of the miles by applying directly to the airline. Please save your boarding passes, as you may be required to submit them as proof of flight. All decisions about air miles are made by the airlines and cannot be influenced by VBT.

Can I upgrade to Business Class or Premium Economy class?

VBT gets some great deals on cabin upgrades, and we’ll be happy to check for availability on your flights. Just ask your Tour Consultant! If cabin upgrades are available, we’ll let you know what extra cost would be involved. If the price is right for you, we’ll make the upgrade for you!

Can I select “extra legroom,” exit row, bulkhead, or other special seats in Economy class?

Upgraded economy seats may be available for an extra charge once your tickets have been issued, either directly through the airline or with the help of our friendly Customer Service team. Please contact us for further details!

Are there additional fees related to air travel added to my invoice?

No. All airline surcharges and government taxes and fees are included in the tour price. However, it must be noted that all current air fuel surcharges are included – if you do not participate in our Good Buy Plan, and the airlines add additional air fuel surcharges, these may be added at a later time. Call your Tour Consultant for details.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

VBT will provide you with the OneCall 24 hour emergency assistance number and email address in your VBT Welcome Handbook and Final travel documents. In the event of any delay, just send a quick email or call that number if you don’t have email access, and you will be guided through your next steps.

Can I make changes to my air itinerary after I’ve reserved my trip?

Change requests can be made at any time until 45 days prior to departure, allowing you maximum flexibility. Changes made more than two weeks after your reservation is made may involve a small change fee of $100 per person. If any other costs are involved in fulfilling the request, we will advise you of those costs before confirming the request.

What happens if the airline makes changes to the flights?

All commercial flights are subject to change at any time by the airline, including those flights we schedule on your behalf. While flight schedule changes can mean big changes, VBT will be handling most of the work, so big changes don’t mean big headaches! If anything changes, we will notify you and send you an updated itinerary, so you can travel with confidence!

Can I check my flight itinerary online?

Absolutely! Your flight itinerary will be emailed to you soon (usually within two weeks) after you reserve your trip, and it will contain a booking reference number. You can then go to and register.

Do I need a current passport to make a reservation with air?

While we can make a reservation without an up-to-date passport, VBT STRONGLY RECOMMENDS having a current passport when reserving a vacation, to avoid any fees that will apply if you need to make changes more than 2 weeks after reserving. Please make sure that your passport is valid until six months after the end of your trip.

! Due to new U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates, customers making a reservation are required to provide their Secure Flight passenger information exactly as it appears on the passport they plan to use when traveling.

Passengers MUST have their information EXACTLY as it appears on their Passport. NO NICKNAMES.

For example, if your middle name is spelled out on your passport, it needs to be the same when you make a reservation. If your middle name is abbreviated on your passport, it needs to be the same when you make a reservation.
Please note that your middle name will not appear on your flight itinerary.

When will tickets be issued?

Tickets are usually issued about one month before the departure date, but issue dates can vary. We’ll be happy to issue your tickets early upon request. Once tickets are issued, we can no longer make any changes, and the tickets will be nonrefundable, so you’ll want to be quite sure all your arrangements are final before requesting that we issue the tickets early. Your flights will still be subject to change by the airlines at all times. When tickets are issued, we will send you an updated flight itinerary that includes your e-ticket numbers. The check-in agent at the airport will use these numbers to print boarding passes.

If you have more questions about our Biking and Walking tours please visit our general Frequently Asked Questions Page



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