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Scandinavia: Denmark & Sweden Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Good Intro to Nordic Culture

The pre- & post-trip extensions were the best part of this trip. Also, Stockholm was fabulous, especially the Vasa Museum. The biking seemed a bit rushed at times. It would have been better if we could have had time to visit Elsinore Castle on the first day and the Tycho Brahe museum on Ven Island on the second day. And the ride along the Gota canal was too long and tedious.
Most hotels were excellent, with the exception of The Square in Copenhagen. It was conveniently located but noisy in our room, which was quite small.

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jimfitz, Vienna, VA

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful Scandinavia!

Including the pre- and post- trips, we immensely enjoyed Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki each comprise intriguing archipelagos of many islands of varying size and topography. Biking was easy, as advertised, often along pastoral canals. Being a very new tour, our terrific guides are already making subtle route revisions to address minor traffic congestion issues that occasionally arose. After 22 VBT bike tours, we are confident of their resolution…but they shouldn’t deter future fellow bikers. Food was excellent throughout, including our picnics. Lodging was comfortable and serviceable. Locals were always cordial, with English spoken and well-understood everywhere. The overnight ferry to Helsinki was a treat, especially watching the many islands off Stockholm slide silently by. The Silja ship was most comfortable, with a large bed and good shower.

annette47, Lisle, IL, United States

5 out of 5 stars

Great Biking & Interesting Cities

We’ve taken 16 VBT trips and the Scandinavia trip is definitely in the top two or three trips we’ve taken with them. Whoever laid this trip out really knew what they were doing. Great biking, three beautiful and most interesting cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, ferry ride experiences, the Stockholm Archipelago, great hotels, good food, incredible museums and wonderful guides who really knew the area and culture. This trip is one of VBT’s very best and it won’t surprise me to see it become their signature trip!

BikedItLikedIt, Springfield, IL, United States

4 out of 5 stars


New trip.. needs a few adjustments but will be one of the best .

MMcd, Gainesville, fl

3 out of 5 stars

Great guides and really nice group of riders

I had wanted to do a bike tour for a long time, and since we had plans to see Copenhagen and Stockholm this summer, this tour was a great fit. The guides were super, always giving 110%. The other participants were all very interesting and fun. Meeting the other bicyclists was my favorite aspect of the tour. Some of the biking was spectacular, especially along the coast. Probably 70% looked like anything I could bike past in Texas, in my local wooded park or surrounding farms. About 15% was downright miserable, for example along very bumpy gravel roads where I could not even see the scenery because my road bike was careening dangerously into ruts and soft areas. The Swedish food is challenging, and many laughs were had over the constant appearance of mayonnaise in what seemed like everything. Really, my fellow bikers made the trip tolerable. Many had done multiple VBT tours, and all were delightful. There was a great GPS navigation system which was a phone app, and made it very easy to navigate. On the other hand, it was impossible to stop for the many times I wish I could have taken a photo, since the phone was tightly strapped into the provided holder on the handlebar, and hard to get it off. This was perhaps my greatest frustration.

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Ariadne, Texas

4 out of 5 stars

Scandinavia cycling

Beautiful countryside and riding routes. It needs more cultural activities.

Williaml, Colorado

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful Setting!

Gorgeous architecture, beautiful lakes and waterways and terrific biking describe our experience in Scandinavia. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki offered great museums, restaurants, shopping and interesting history. The balance of rural and city experiences was well done. Always love the cultural surprises provided by the locals who often cook for us or involve us in their different customs. Loved being able to see a thatched roof being built from scratch!

Jill215, Cleveland, OH, USA

5 out of 5 stars


I have done 9 trips with VBT so far, all have been great, but I must say this went to #1. The 2 best guides, the entire 20 guests like instant friends, with our leaders Prunella and Philip. I wish we had more time everywhere. The post trip to Helsinki was truly amazing, so glad we did it, only 4 of us went, sorry to say the others missed out. Jean Vermeeren

Danish jean, Anaheim, Ca

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful cycling through Scandinavia!

The best Swedish tour guides, Pernilla & Philip. Nice bikes, nice hotels, good food, great trip!

3 out of 5 stars

Bike friendly countries

There was not enough biking on any given day and some of the days biking there was not much to see scenery wise. On the good side the countries were so bike friendly there were always paths so not to many “share the road” issues. I would have liked to have gotten started earlier in the day not wait til 9 or 930 as it was 90°+ on many of the days.

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5 out of 5 stars

A Wonderful Tour!

I have done several European Bike Tours with VBT and this Scandinavian tour is one of the best and met all my expectations. The tour was ideal for me as a person expecting to cycle 20-30 miles a day. While the majority of the tour was flat interesting terrain, be prepared for a few challenging hills. The three tour guides, Suzi, Parnella, and Bodhi were enthusiastic and positive. I was particularly touched when they awarded each of us a Sweden-USA flag broach to wear at the end of the tour as well as the occasional perfectly timed ice cream bar after a warm day of touring. This was just a few examples of their generous spirit throughout the trip! The cultural experiences of a Swedish Smorgasbord and a picnic Swedish brunch with the traditional sandwich cake were also sweet , fun, and delicious! Several of the cyclists volunteered to help make the sandwich cake which was also great!

One of the major advantages of touring in a cycle friendly country is meeting Swedish residents along the route and learning their routines and sharing experiences, Along the way I met one person who lived in Valstena who worked in Hamburg and another person at a goat/sheep farm who was a delight to get to know a little better.

This tour provided me the flexibility to take a day off from cycling which I took advantage of in Vadstena, If you are fortunate to stay there, be sure to visit the the Health Spa at the Monastery! I had one of the most amazing massages there that inspired me to continue cycling ;-)!

It was also a pleasure to meet all the individual cyclists in the group – all the people were nice and we became good friends in a day or two as a result of the friendly vibe of the entire trip epitomized by the trip leaders.

The one suggestion I have is that it would be great if rooms were made available upon arrival at the Square Hotel in Copenhagen. After an exhausting 11 hour overnight trip from the USA to Copenhagen on the first leg of the tour, we had to stay up another 5 hours until a room was available. Prompt room availability would be the only improvement that could be made for this tour.

I highly recommend this tour – it was wonderful! Kind regards – JGD

JGDBike, Washington, DC, USA

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful trip with wonderful guides

A part of the world we hadn’t been to and thoroughly enjoyed everything. My only complaint was that both the airport and ferry pickups were very late

Anita, Portland OR

5 out of 5 stars

Great guides and Tour

Great guides, worked with group and conditions to make it best.

4 Timers, Ohio, United States

5 out of 5 stars

Expert guides friendly, flexible and knowledgeable

Enjoyed the variety of sights and rides. The guides were awesome and knew alot about the culture and history of Scandinavia. I apprecaietd the variety of skills the guides demonstrated in biking, tending to guests, history, and every aspect of ensuring the trip was enjoyable for al. l

RitaC, New York , NY

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful bike paths

This was my third trip with Vermont Bicycle Tours (VBT) and once again they surpassed my expectations. This trip was a new one for 2018 and I expected some glitches, but that never happened. My tour guides, Bodhi and Pernilla kept the group well informed, fed, riding smoothly, and aware of all the options for each day. They both gave 100%+ to make sure each of us had a good time. There was nothing they overlooked to make sure we didn’t have to worry and could just ride and enjoy the places we visited. One of the perks they provided was emailing out a short daily video with pictures from the day. Since the season was about to end for this tour my group benefited from some tweaks made to the ride routes based on early season experiences. The trip was rated as easy and this was accurate. The riding days had mileage of approximately 6, 32, 23, 36, 10, and 8 miles. I rode all the miles including the rainy day and enjoyed every bike path, country lane, and city avenue. The temperatures were cooling down by my arrival day in Copenhagen on September 6th and the summer tourist peak was over so this was a plus of September travel. The hotels on my trip were all unique, well appointed, and well located. VBT finds the best boutique hotels and most had large rooms, in my opinion, by European standards. Including the pre and post trip I stayed at The Square, V Hotel, Klosterhotel, Elite Hotel Marina Tower, and Hotel Haven. For the post trip the transit from Stockholm to Helsinki was on a ferry. OK it did carry cars and trucks, but it was more like a cruise ship as far as the accommodations and a lovely overnight experience. I didn’t expect it, but the cabin had plenty of space and there was even a small bathroom in with a shower. I used the laundry service at the V Hotel in Helsingborg and the Elite Hotel Marina Tower in Stockholm which allowed for reuse of clothing, especially sweaty bike clothes, and helped with packing less and leaving room for purchased/gifts. I highly recommend doing this, for me it takes the stress out of doing laundry in the room and hoping it dries before we move to a new hotel. The use of credit/debit cards by merchants on this trip was so extensive, even preferred, that the only cash I took out at an ATM was for the guides tips. This made the switch between currencies easy. It helps to have a currency converter app installed on your phone. VBT had all the bike routes available for offline use in Ride with GPS and that turned out to be wonderful. I recommend playing with it a home ahead of time so you arrive knowing how to use it (I didn’t and it took a ride to figure out). I choose to ride a road bike and I brought my own saddle and SPD pedals. Note, I am 4’11” and the Fuji bike I used was well suited to a shorter rider and provided a great ride for the trip. The routes are on pavement or packed gravel 99% of the time. I don’t normally ride on gravel so it took a bit for me to relax. If I did the trip again I might select the hybrid for the luxury of the kick stand and the standard VBT pannier bag. Pernilla lent me a small lightweight backpack which came in handy, for rain gear, since the bike had a typical seat post bag which only fit the spare tire tube and a few small essentials. Otherwise my bike shirts held the quintessential camera and phone, yes I still like to bring both, but many tour mates just used their phones for pictures. Several off-bike activities I recommend are taking advantage of the spa/pool/Turkish baths at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower, visiting the Allas pools and sauna if you visit Helsinki for the post trip, and picking up dinner one or two times from the local supermarkets which allows you to see what daily life is like. I had VBT set up all my airfare from my small local airport and it was worth the extra cost. I didn’t have to drive to the closest major airport, pay for parking, add a hotel stay, and add extra travel days for the driving. In summary, why I love to travel with VBT is that on a bicycle I really get to see the daily life of the local folks, make eye contact, say hello, and even have a short chat with local residents with all the logistics figures out ahead of time. This trip was top notch from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

snowfairy32, Knoxville, TN, USA

4 out of 5 stars

Actually, only bike in Sweden.

This was a great trip. However, we only biked a few miles from Copenhagen into Sweden. We biked the 6 days in Sweden. If you don’t take the extension, you do not even go in to Finland. Also, many points if interest close the end of August. Therefore, going in September, we missed out on a few attractions.

The guides were fantastic! They took videos every day and sent them to us via E-mail every day. I’ve been on 15 VBT biking trips, and this was the first (other than Poland sending us a video after we returned home) that the guides did this.

Other than the title of this trip being misleading, and missing out on some things by going in September, I would recommend this trip.

Canalbiker, Levittown, PA, USA

5 out of 5 stars

Loved every bit of this trip!

This was such a great trip. Copenhagen was such a lovely city and perfect to discover by walking. Sweden was so beautiful and the biking was an exciting discovery each day. Bodhi and Philip were just wonderful as our guides – fun, professional and always helpful. We had never been to Scandinavia and this was such a lovely way to see it.

JeanBru, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

5 out of 5 stars

A Great Nordic Adventure!

I have wanted to visit the Nordic countries since 1974 when I was an exchange student in Europe. Thank you, VBT, for finally making it an affordable destination! As always, the travel arrangements were seamless, the leaders were phenomenal, and the experience was second to none!

Esbehr, Clark, NJ, United States

5 out of 5 stars

VBT did it again

VBT has done it again. For over 20 years, my wife and I have been taking bicycle trips. We had long been hoping that VBT, our favorite tour company, would add a trip to Scandinavia. When we found out about this new trip last year, we signed up within days. It did not disappoint. Our leaders were friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help. We had nice weather. Our mid-September departure had temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and occasionally in the 70s. The rides were beautiful. We usually ride road bikes, but were glad to be on hybrids because there were some gravel surfaces and even a few miles of dirt road. The local people were a bit reserved, but quite friendly when approached. English is widely understood and spoken in Scandinavia. We chose to do both the pre trip in Copenhagen and post trip in Helsinki. We are glad we did. The evening cruise to Helsinki through the Stockholm archipelago was stunningly beautiful.

5 out of 5 stars

Cycling Scandinavia

I am so glad that my brother and I signed up early the first year this tour ran and had Pernilla and Philip as our guides.

SWEEP, Stamford, CT, USA

5 out of 5 stars

Great 8th trip with VBT!

This was our 8th VBT trip in Europe and a wonderful way to see the Scandinavian/Nordic countries. The weather was perfect, local guides were fantastic, riding was very easy mostly on bike paths/lanes and food was delicious. We were only able to do the post-trip extension in Helsinki; I would also recommend doing the pre-trip extension in Copenhagen otherwise you are only in the city for about 18 hours. This trip was a bit more “urban” than some of our other VBT trips spending 3 nights in Helsingborg and 4 nights in Stockholm. Improvements? Wish we could have visited Norway and perhaps consider adding a guide/support vehicle with a large group. We had 20 (was supposed to be 22) and a wide variety in cycling abilities caused a few logistical challenges a couple of times. Overall a fantastic trip!

SJP1, Charlotte, NC 28211

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