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New York to Rhode Island: The Hamptons, Shelter Island & Newport Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Fun biking vacation

We took this Long Island and Rhode Island trip the 2nd week of May. All in all we had a very nice time with the time spent in Rhode Island and Shelter Island being the most fun. The area in Sag Harbor however does not cater to bicyclists as there are no bike lanes and the traffic is horrible. We felt like we were riding along the interstate and many of the drivers don’t think they should be sharing the road with you. We were ready to call it quits if the rest of the trip would of been the same. Alas, the second day of the trip out to Montauk Point was considerably better and the town of Montauk very enjoyable. The hotel in Sag Harbor is quaint and we really enjoyed its’ nice lounge and fireplace. The third day to Shelter Island was excellent with a visit to the Preserve and a couple ferry crossings. The next 2 days in Newport were also quite fun riding along the ocean and looking at the huge mansions. However, the hotel in Newport is old and in need of an upgrade and the food and service just mediocre…but it was clean. We cannot say enough about our guides Chip and Helen…both were very nice and knowledgeable and they work their butts off to make the week fun for all. In summary, this trip starts slow and uneasy but eventually it shows its true colors, you just have to be patient. We’ve been on several VBT rides over the years…this wasn’t one of the best but we had lots of fun nonetheless.

Trevormore, Dallas, TX

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