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Thinking about Traveling Again? Here's Advice from Our 2022 Guests

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Story by: Ken Lovering | Travel Writer


You know that feeling when you haven’t ridden your bike for a while and you can’t wait to get back on the saddle, feel the breeze on your face, and hear the whir of the tires on the road?

Well, judging from the record-breaking reservations we’ve received so far for our 2022 Bicycling Vacations, lots of VBT guests feel the same way about travel. There’s no question it’s been a tough 18 months or so for travel lovers. And while we’ve had countless chances to talk with our guests during this unexpected (and unwelcome!) hiatus, it’s how they’re looking to the future that has really inspired us. In fact, our guests are teaching us a couple of lessons about what’s shaping up to be a triumphant resurgence of travel.

Lesson #1: Embrace Your Excitement

We’re touched that the past guests we’ve heard from have been looking back on their VBT Bicycling Vacations with such gratitude. More importantly, they’re looking ahead to their 2022 adventure with a contagious excitement!

Joanne Hill of Wenatchee, Washington, says that the three previous European bike trips she has taken with her husband have been “magical, educational, and just plain fun!” She has also enjoyed the pre-trip preparation, “reading about the country we’d be visiting, dreaming about the sights, the food, and the always knowledgeable trip leaders.”

Up next for the Hills? They’re signed up for Danube trip next summer. “We originally booked this trip for 2020, then for 2021,” Joanne explains. But the delay hasn’t dampened their excitement. “We know the quality and value of a VBT tour and expect this trip to be outstanding!”

Brian Waidman of Arlington, Virginia, is headed to Holland in April. He recalls the joy of “drinking wine after a day spent pedaling with new friends.” But his favorite experience was when his wife Anne got a flat tire in Germany. This sounds odd, we know, but let him finish: “A young German lad who spoke no English ran out of his house with a tire pump to rescue us!” Now there’s a local connection to cherish!
As for their upcoming Holland trip, Brian says he’s most excited to once again “experience life from different perspectives, wave to smiling villagers, pick berries on the roadside, feel the sun on my shoulders.”

Lesson #2: That “Early Bird” Adage Really Pays Off

Joanne and Brian and their respective spouses are proof-positive that you can’t keep passionate travelers home for long. We can’t wait to welcome them – and you! – back.

Of course, they are just a minuscule sampling of the thousands who have booked their 2022 overseas Bicycling Vacations. And we’re so proud that more dedicated VBT guests are reserving every day.
Joanne may have explained her desire to get back out there the best. And we suspect any tried-and-true VBT traveler feels the same: “This past year has been a time of reflection. Now, I am craving the stimulation of different cultures, new people, and fresh insights.” You won’t be surprised to learn that she reserved her 2022 Danube trip at her first opportunity.

And for those who might be hesitant to book too early, Brian offers this piece of advice: “Listen and trust what VBT says. They have helped us navigate travel, including covid-cancelled trips. They’ve shown us a proven commitment to value and good will. That’s why we rebooked our cancelled trip with them and will schedule more.”

If you’d like to join travelers like Joanne and Brian … if you’re eager to once again cycle the world’s byways with us … if you want to connect once again with the pure pleasures of exploring by bike and with the deeply felt rewards of experiencing local cultures in the most intimate way, you’ll want to reserve, too.

Put another way, the wait to explore the world again is over. And we’d hate to see you miss out on your preferred destination and departure date.

We can’t wait to ride with you again!

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