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Group Travel Program Webinar

May 12, 2016

Learn how you can travel for free as a Group Organizer by gathering a group of friends, family, colleagues or club members for a VBT Bicycling or Walking Vacation. Amy Forkas, VBT’s Group Tour Manager, and Richard Genovese, our Vice President of Marketing, lead this informative webinar about our Group Travel Program. They explain how easy it is to become a Group Organizer, share great tips on how to gather a group of like-minded travelers, and answered some questions from the attendees at the end.

First-time Traveler Webinar

March 11, 2016

Learn how VBT makes active travel easy and affordable for first-time travelers. Hear VBT Chairman, Gregg Marston, and our worldwide Product Directors talk about the unique discovery events included on our most popular vacations for first-time travelers including Tuscany, Puglia, the Amalfi Coast, the Czech Republic, and Provence.

European Active Vacations Webinar

March 03, 2016

Learn how VBT makes active travel in Europe easy and affordable. Gregg Marston, VBT’s Chairman, and and Tracey Scott, our European Product Director, lead an informative webinar about our popular European biking and walking vacations and how we are able to provide our signature quality, immersive experiences and unbeatable value throughout Europe. They discussed our best-selling European tours from the Czech Republic, to Spain, Croatia and beyond, and provided 10 great reasons to take an active vacation in Europe with VBT.

Walking Vacations Webinar

February 04, 2016

This is a replay of our live webinar that took place on Wednesday February 3rd. It features Cammy Richelli and Kevin Wilks, VBT’s Walking Product Directors, and focuses on our line of engaging and culturally immersive walking vacations around the globe. Learn how you can discover exciting destinations like Machu Picchu, the Amalfi Coast, Ireland, and Provence, as well as our brand new walking tours in Vermont, Yellowstone and New Mexico.

Italy Biking and Walking Tours Webinar

January 21, 2016

This is a replay of our live webinar that took place on Wednesday January 20th. It features VBT Chairman Gregg Marston and Katia, our Italy-based Product Director, our Italy-based Product Director, talking about our exciting 2016 biking and walking tours in Italy. They discussed VBT’s popular tours in Italy, our exciting new 2016 itineraries—including special culinary departures—and 45th anniversary vacations in Tuscany and The Amalfi Coast & Capri. Gregg and Katia also answered questions from VBT travelers.


USA Bike Tours Webinar

March 24, 2015

Learn all about the many beautiful landscapes, historical sites and unique regional customs there are to experience across this great land from one of our best U.S. Trip Leaders. Watch this webinar with Gregg Marston, VBT’s President; Chris Skilling, our Vice President of Worldwide Product and one of our local, expert U.S.A. Trip Leaders, discussing biking vacations in the United States and how we are able to provide our signature quality, immersive experiences and unbeatable value right here at home.


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