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Put one foot in front of the other and move
This is how humans have gotten around since the dawn of time. So when you are following a trail, you are literally walking in the footsteps of history. Your path may have first been trod by animals foraging for food. Perhaps tribal people followed in their wake. Next came settlers and soldiers, troubadours and tradesmen, princes and priests.

Even as pavement covered their footprints, their presence is still imprinted here in elemental ways. You wonder, did they feel the mash of gravel beneath their feet, as you do? Were their faces tickled by the feathery branches of this same weeping willow? Did they inhale the tang of the Irish Sea, the peppery- piney smell of wild rosemary, the rosy perfume of an Amalfi garden?

These are things the history books won’t tell you. But your senses will. Walk with us, and you’ll know in your bones why people are so deeply connected to the land from which they sprang.