Recipes from our Backyard

With the onset of spring, flowers are blooming, fruits and vegetables are coming into season and our famous Farmers Markets are sprouting up all over the state. It seems as though at this time of year you can’t throw a stone without it landing in one of these seasonal Vermont fixtures. We thought we’d make use of the abundance of fresh local ingredients and offer up complementary recipes for a Vermont-inspired salad and soup. These recipes were donated to us by VBT Associate, Janet C. (pictured above). Now in charge of Document Services, Janet has been with the company for 27 years and she knows cooking just about as well as she knows traveling. You’re in for a treat!

For a full, locally sourced meal, enjoy our Roasted Beet Salad alongside our Green Garden Soup. Or lighten it up a bit, and enjoy each one separately.

Salad Recipe, Beet Salad


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