VBT Trip Leaders from New Zealand and Costa Rica

As you might imagine, we take our travels seriously at VBT. And that’s why we use only local Trip Leaders who are serious about discovery, exploration and having fun! With that in mind, we’re introducing our seriously fun Trip Leaders from two Warm Winter vacations, New Zealand: The South Island and Adventure Costa Rica!

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New Zealand – When not leading bike tours Emmily can be found snowboarding, kayaking, diving, camping, wake boarding, hiking, and of course, traveling. This native Kiwi has lived in the U.S., where she worked as a river guide and decided to make travel her career. “I have loads of fun and energy on tour,” says Emmily, and it rubs off on her travelers.

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Costa Rica – Giovanni is always on the go and often on wheels—be it a dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, BMX, or rollerblades. When not rolling around Gio is very down to earth, as you might expect from someone who majored in Topography at the University of Costa Rica. From there he trained as a Naturalist Guide at the National Biodiversity Institute, and spent weekends working as a rafting guide. In 2004, he decided to “dedicate my whole time to what I love to do” and became a fulltime Trip Leader. You’ll appreciate his expertise on local fauna (especially Costa Rican birds) and the way he takes the national slogan, “pura vida” (pure life!) to heart. “We use it to say hello, thanks, how are you, but it is really an invitation to enjoy life to the fullest.”