Top 5 Most Helpful VBT Traveler Reviews


Like anyone who is thinking of getting ready to travel to a new place, VBT guests enjoy reading the reviews from former travelers to get a better idea of what the trip entails. In fact, there’s no better way to learn about a VBT vacation than to read about it from someone who actually went on it. Upon returning we ask all travelers to fill out a review to be featured on that particular vacation’s page on our website, They are asked to rate the trip in a number of fields from 1 to 5 stars and also write a small paragraph (some actually write quite more than that!) and submit some pictures. We have no editorial control over these reviews so our guests know that they are honest and real reactions to our vacations. Reviewers can use their real name or make up a fun code name to submit their reviews under and all reviews are verified using their actual email addresses.

Did you know that the reviews on our website have different fields to search by? For example you can search by date or even keywords and readers can even vote on which review is most helpful to them! To search for more helpful reviews simply click on the “Travelers Reviews” tab on the left side of any tour page (other than new for 2014 vacations) and use the relevancy sorter to find “Most Helpful”.  Building upon this, we thought we’d share the Top 5 most helpful reviews so you can see how our travelers take the time to genuinely give feedback about their VBT experience. If you click the name of any of the trips listed below it will take you to all the reviews for that particular vacation!

1. The Tuscan Coast

Walking Tuscan beach

“Beautiful Tuscan countryside. Exceptional accommodations at the agritourismos. Amazing VBT guides.”

Helpful Votes: 10
 Wayne from Virginia

Excerpt from the Review: “The Tuscany bike tour vacation was amazing. I will remember the biking in Tuscany as much or more than the pre-trip to Florence or the post-trip to Rome. Yes, seeing the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel was a memorable experience. It was amazing to think I was seeing the paintings of Michelangelo. But, the beauty of Tuscany was comparable. The biking immersed us in the countryside, the community, the culture, and the people. We passed through and stopped at a dozen small towns in Tuscany.

“On our first night in Tuscany, we stayed at the Agrihotel Elisabetta. The owner’s son took us on a private tour of the wine cellar, and served us some of their wines along with some traditional Tuscan appetizers…the food was amazing. The wine was enjoyable. And, we started to develop friendships with some of the other 14 people on the biking tour. Every night was great food, wine, and storytelling about the day’s bike ride; what we saw, where we missed a turn, what interesting stuff we found in the Tuscan towns.”

2. Argentina: Walking in Patagonia

Argentina Nov 2011 080-L

“Fantastic Hikes in Incredible Settings”

Helpful Votes: 10
 SBS50 from Alexandria, VA

“This was my third VBT trip, fourth hiking trip, and I’d have to rate it at the top. Patagonia is an amazing place and the itinerary made sure we saw varied landscapes and had challenging hikes. We were blessed with good weather which helped, but it would have been spectacular in any event. Included meals were outstanding. The pre-trip in Buenos Aires was good – hotel in a great location and a very nice place. Mendoza was also a lovely place, but given how much time it took to get there, and the fact that the hotel wasn’t close to the town itself, I’m not sure I’d do that trip again. But it was a nice, restful end to a great trip. Highly recommend taking the optional (and extra cost) glacier hike – what an experience. ANother fabulous VBT experience. I have another one scheduled for Oct!”

3. Exploring Northern ThailandThai yoga pose

Helpful Votes: 9
MeghanK  from Arlington, VA

“The trip of a lifetime”

“This trip was completely unforgettable. The amazing guides truly gave us an experience that we will cherish forever. The scenery in Northern Thailand is unmatched, and we loved increasing our cultural knowledge. The food was beyond delicious as well!”

Croatia: The Dalmatian Islands

Croatian Coast

“Dalmatian Perfection”

Helpful Votes: 7
Reviewer: mrmac from West Tennessee

Excerpt from the Review:  “…this trip had all we wanted and hoped for and more. I especially enjoyed the rides. There was something here for everyone. If you wanted long uphill rides, you could have your fill. If you wanted long downhills with vistas of the Adriatic to your left and right, you had that. If, as on one day, the ride began with a 4 mile uphill ride and you wanted to start at, or near, the top, you could do that. And you could see our confidence increase each day. On the day of the long uphill start, I recall someone saying ‘Anna’s going to try it?’ She did, and only when she passed the van waiting to let people out near the top, did she agree to get in, and ride the rest of the way. This turned out to be one of few regrets, as she had already ridden 98% of the climb and could have made it to the top!

“Much of the success of the trip was due to our guides, Vanya and Marko. Taking turns, with one driving the support van and the other riding with us, they encouraged and advised us along the way as to the steepness of an incline or a favorite spot for gelato…beyond the rides, Marko and Vanya’s knowledge of Dalmatia and its people helped make this a perfect experience. Whether pointing us to a restaurant in the evening (never were we disappointed in their recommendations) or the ‘prettiest view on all of Hvar,’ their pure joy and pride in their work was evident throughout. This being our first trip with VBT, we asked others how these guys matched up with other guides they had encountered. All indicated that these were the best.”

5. Puglia: Italy’s Undiscovered Coast

Monopoli skyline-M

“Everything exceeded our highest expectations”

Helpful Votes: 6
Reviewer:  italy2012 from Denver, CO

“My husband and I anxiously waited two long years to go on this trip to Italy with VBT. I can honestly say that we have NEVER been on a more wonderful vacation. It seemed unreal at times due to the elegant and exquisite places we were staying at. Each time we entered our room we would look @ each other and say,’WOW, is this really our room and are we really here?’ Just enough exercise while riding along the Adriatic Sea and beside beautiful 800 year old olive trees you really did not want to stop. Whether I was biking next to my husband, with the ‘group’ or by myself it was so exhilarating. What a treat it was to have lunch in a NEW small village and to end up in a NEW location and stay in a NEW Masseria.

“At times I felt as if I was a local while sitting on a park bench and enjoying the conversation, the wonderful fresh air and the most amazing food I have ever had. A couple of mornings while having breakfast we had a down pour of rain and we all thought that this would be the weather of the day. But oh, the Puligia sun came out before we even got on our bikes and we had sunshine the rest of the day. The weather was perfect around 76. I was so pleased and surprised when we actually swam in the Adriatic Sea not once but three times. What FUN and oh so breath taking. We always had a full day and the evenings did not end til late but not once did we feel tired. Taking this trip was like being in the fountain of youth. It made me feel young again. We LOVED it and cannot stop talking about it. We are enthusiastically looking forward to our next adventure with VBT!”