The New York City Cycle Club Celebrates 75 Years

Tuscany Bike TourThis week marks NYCC’s 75th year in operation and to celebrate they are teaming up with VBT for a drawing for a free cycling trip to Italy, home to great food, great wine, and absolutely tremendous riding.

VBT is making this possible through our support of the NYCC Anniversary Gala on July 16th.  We offered up a trip, including roundtrip airfare, to one of our favorite destinations, Tuscany.  With 300 tickets gobbled up 5 weeks prior to the event, the Anniversary Gala is completely SOLD OUT, promising a fantastic event for a worthy cause.

As stated by Christy Guzzetta, a gala committee member, “Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for this.  You have made a very special moment in the 75 year history of the New York City Cycle Club that much more special.  Thanks for being such a good friend of the New York City Cycle Club.”

Congratulations to NYCC on celebrating 75 years of cycling!  For more information, check out