Meet Zsuzsanna – Trip Leader on VBT’s Hungary & Slovakia Vacation

What makes Zsuzsanna a great Trip Leader?

Perhaps it’s her ability to teach her guests a little Hungarian as they travel, which she claims is “one of the most difficult languages to learn.” And she would know: she speaks seven of them.

Maybe it’s the fact that travel is in her blood. Zsuzsanna’s father has been a tour guide throughout most of her life. As an heir to the family trade, she even conducted her first tour at the age of 14.

It could also be her breadth of cultural knowledge and experience. Born into a bilingual family (her father is originally from Russia) Zsuzsanna made it a point to keep an open mind about new cultures. As a result, she has traveled to and enjoyed 27 countries, including China, India, the United States, Russia and most of Europe.

Then again, it could just be Zsuzsanna’s lasting smile that makes her a great Trip Leader. “I smile 24-7 — that’s what everybody says.”

In any case, we’re certain that Zsuzsanna’s experience, knowledge and love of her country make her one of the best Trip Leaders to travel through Hungary with! Travel with Zsuzsanna this summer or fall on VBT’s Hungary & Slovakia: The Best of the Danube biking vacation.