Meet Tuscan Trip Leader Paolo

tuscan bike tour guide PaoloItaly“Andiamo!” (“Let’s go!”) That command in his native Italian sums up Paolo’s exuberant approach not only to travel, but to life. Never one to sit in front of the television, Paolo has always had a passion for being active outdoors. Growing up in Venice, he spent a lot of time on his bicycle and enjoying his close-knit family.

When he was in his twenties, however, he got the “travel bug” and set out to explore the world, visiting every continent except Australia. Thirteen years ago, he found a way to combine work and travel, and began leading tours for an Italian travel company to such exotic lands as the Sahara Desert, Mongolia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Ecuador.

Then, 11 years ago, Paolo was able to bring his bicycling skills to bear on his gift for leading tours, as he joined VBT and began delighting our travelers with his passion for life and zest for the varied cultures and traditions of Italy. A vegan who relishes local fruits and vegetables, he also enjoys sharing with VBT travelers the pleasures of Italian cuisine. As he puts it, “I recommend to every visitor to my country that they try everything they can, because Italian food made outside of Italy never tastes the same as it does here. And neither does the wine!”

When he’s not leading tours for VBT, Paolo lives in his adopted home—El Hierro Island, the smallest of the Canaries—with his wife Enrica and their two “demanding dogs and a very spoiled cat.” There, he spends his time gardening, hiking, biking, and swimming. Or taking a good book to a seat overlooking the ocean. It’s about the only time he sits still.

Paolo leads our Tuscan Coast and Tuscany by the Sea vacations tuscan bike tours

3 Responses to “Meet Tuscan Trip Leader Paolo”

  1. Gerry Hoffberg April 4, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    Paolo was our guide on our first VBT European tour, The Other Riviera. The VBT tour guides are the best. Paolo is the best of the best. He taught me a lot about climbing the hills. He is one of the happiest most cheerful people I have ever met. Great stories, a woncerful guy.

  2. Laura April 5, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    I look forward to meeting Paolo in a few short weeks as we bicycle through Tuscany together! Ci saro Paolo!

  3. Jane April 7, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    Paolo took a temporary leave from Italy several years ago to guide our trip in Provence. He was one of the best VBT guides ever and the whole group remembers how special he made our adventure. SO glad he is still guiding for VBT- he and his wife were just starting their island adventure at the time of our trip.

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