Meet the VBT Cross-Country Ski Team

Get set to delve into some of the world’s most astounding destinations on a winter vacation with VBT! Cross-Country Skiing is a great way to actively explore a new locale. And we’ve got the perfect team to lead you on your outstanding Cross-Country adventure.

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Garrott is a 2010 Olympic skier, former member of the US Ski Team on the World Cup circuit and currently the driving force behind VBT’s new Cross-Country Ski vacations. He has traveled the world and served as a VBT Leader Operations Manager, so in addition to his ski expertise he brings a keen understanding of how to meet your travel needs. Out of his extensive knowledge of the international Cross-Country Ski circuit, Garrott has chosen some of his favorite destinations for our new trips.


Damjan studied economics at university but says he’s “happy still to be in the school of life.” He continues to study a wide range of interests, from sustainable development to history to viniculture and cheesemaking. Damjan has snowboarded in India, cycled Uganda, and explored many places in between. He caught the travel bug early, recalling that “for us kids the top event was our monthly road trip to Austria and Italy, crossing the border to buy Milka chocolate and jeans!” A onetime journalist, he describes himself as “an observer of conduct” who is eager to introduce you to life in Slovenia.


Elena grew up in the foothills of the Alps, and first put on skis at age six. They haven’t come off since, as she went on to become a competitive skier, instructor, and (for the past ten years) Trip Leader. “Sport is for me an opportunity to see the world,” says Elena, who’ll introduce you to Italy’s art, history, cuisine, and “the people who treat you as family.” Active, engaged, and always up for adventure, Elena loves the expression “butta la pasta!” (boil the pasta!), which has as much to do with making ready for lunch as just being ready for fun!

Whether you’re after a European vacation, or if you’d like to glide your way through winter in Canada, VBT and our great local Trip Leaders have got your ticket to a winter getaway like no other!