Meet Pascal–Trip Leader on our France Culinary Tour

With popular Trip Leader Pascal, you’ve got “a new friend in a small country called France.”

Culinary Tours, Foodie Tours, Bike Tours, French Cooking

Living in an area steeped in history is second nature to Pascal, who was born and raised in the “City of Popes”—Avignon, France. Here, in the heart of Provence, Pascal grew up with his three brothers, spending most of his days outdoors, even in hot weather, playing “football” (soccer)—and, of course, bicycling!

His French mother and Italian father saw to it that he received an education, and he graduated university with a master’s degree in economics, specializing in sustainable development. Among his other interests are music, especially guitar (“I realized too late I will never be Jimi Hendrix,” he says), and travel, a passion that has taken him throughout the continent and on to Morocco, the U.S., and Denmark, where he lived for eight years. In 2000, he turned that passion into a profession, joining VBT as a Trip Leader.

Culinary Tours, Foodie Tours, Bike Tours, French Cooking

Today, Pascal and his Danish wife, Nina, make their home in Avignon, in a small house set in a garden, under a plane tree. An avid cook, he is uniquely suited to lead VBT’s highly successful Provence Tour and our special culinary tours here. He fervidly encourages travelers to enjoy the local vegetables that are abundant in Provence, the “garden of France.”

Culinary Tours, Foodie Tours, Bike Tours, French Cooking

To Pascal, “France is not a country; it is a way of life.” When you join him in Provence, you will find yourself in the hands of a caring Trip Leader who loves his region, his country and his job helping travelers discover the wonders of Provence.


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