Wine and Travel in France

The song muses, “April in Paris is a feeling no one can ever reprise.” If you’re after pleasant country lanes, rows of ripening wine grapes and an inviting, slower pace, you might change your tune. Fortunately both our Bicycling Bordeaux & the River Dordogne and our Burgundy: The Wine Route biking vacations offer extensions in the “City of Light.” So you’ll get the best of both worlds!

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Croatian Cuisine

Food in Croatia, Travel Croatia, Croatian Cuisine

Here at VBT, we’re passionate about experiencing each destination we visit with all of our senses. The sound of the Adriatic rolling over the Croatian coast, the smell of cypress trees on a Tuscan hillside, the glimmer of alpenglow just after an Austrian sunset, each could be a fond and lasting memory of your travels with us. Of course, indulging in the food, the wine and the local brew can be especially delicious ways to experience local culture. And we’re very excited that our ambrosial adventure along Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands was included in The Daily Meal’s 8 Ideal Bike Tours for Food Lovers by Nicole Campoy-Leffler. Bon Appétit!