A Halloween Story

No one really dressed up for Halloween this year at VBT Headquarters, but our Regional Technical Coordinator, Chris, showed up as a superhero anyway… At least in spirit, he left the cape at home. Just back from Costa Rica, fending off jetlag, Chris managed to squeeze-in saving a baby hawk on top of his other duties in the VBT shop. All in a day’s work. Here’s his story:

As I was sitting in my office catching up on emails and staring down my computer screen a loud crash hit the shop window as if someone had thrown a log into it. Upon inspection I discovered that a hawk had flown into my window and was lying lifeless (though breathing) on the ground.

I contacted the Vermont State Police and they put me in touch with VINS (The Vermont Institute of Natural Science). VINS puts me in touch with one of the area volunteers, John Aders, who is state and federally certified to deal with situations such as these. John wasn’t sure if the bird was a night hawk or a red tailed hawk as the bird was a youth and did not have distinctive markings yet.

One thing I love about working at VBT is that in a case like this my supervisor had no hesitation in approving my next move: driving to Waitsfield, VT, to deliver the bird to the experts for potential life-saving treatment. The other thing I love is how my coworkers jumped up to assist me in getting the bird into a box. Our own Product Operations Manager, Amy, ended up grabbing the bird with her bare hands, all the while speaking to it softly as to calm it. I’m not sure if the bird could understand English as he was quite nervous to be so close to a homosapien.

As the bird and I arrived to meet John, he was beginning to become much more alive and wanted out of the very comfortable box we created for him. John inspected the bird for any broken bones and vital signs and nothing was broken. The result of our quick action made it possible for it to fly another day after some treatment and rest due to a potential head injury.

On my way back over the mountain to Bristol the sun had come out of the clouds and created rainbows all around. I counted 9 in total. I took this as a sign that we had done good for the earth and mother nature was giving us a gentle, but beautiful pat on the back.

VBT Regional Technical Coordinator 

Happy Halloween Everyone, from all of us at VBT!

Caroline’s VBT Vacation in Croatia

“Croatia is a country of contrasts,” Caroline began. Whether it’s the turquoise water of the Adriatic contrasting the white limestone and red roofs of the coastal buildings or even the traces of Croatia’s Homeland Conflict in the midst of the beautifully-restored Old Town of Dubrovnik, a Vacation in Croatia seems to surround travelers with pleasantly divergent sights and themes. It certainly sounds like one of the most enticing European Destinations.

VBT Owner, Caroline Marston, recently returned from our Croatia Vacation and I was lucky enough to chat with her about how it went. She had all kinds of great stories about her travels, as well as an infectious enthusiasm for this Mediterranean destination. (I use the word infectious because after speaking with Caroline, Croatia is now at the top of my list of Places to go in Europe!)

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, peka

The History

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, peka

First on Caroline’s large collection of highlights is our Pre-trip Extension in Dubrovnik. She did her research, and came to Croatia with a bit of background on this “stunning part of the world.” However, she found that taking part in the optional, full-day tour around Dubrovnik gave her so much more than she expected. “It was culturally inspirational. The Old Town of Dubrovnik was beautifully preserved because the people brought it back.”

Again, Caroline was struck by enchanting contrasts. The perfectly balanced blend of ancient and modern history seemed to stand side-by-side in the city. With a background in geology, Caroline also found herself to be quite taken with all of the intricate stone work. The limestone was so white and dense it almost appeared to be marble, and the attention to detail in the sculptures, fountains and even footpaths supplied a bit of foreshadowing for another exciting Croatian experience.

The Food

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, peka

When it comes to Croatian Cuisine, it seems that “Fresh” is the key word. We’re talking about a place where capers grow wildly on white walls like ivy and where each region takes great pride in their approach to cultivating their local wines, olive oils and figs. Each restaurant that Caroline ate at had an abundance of incredibly fresh seafood (caught that very day!), and while every dining experience was a good one, the family-run konobe or taverns provided delicious, unique food and great local experiences.

The standout meal was a Croatian specialty, a baked dish cooked in a wood-fired oven within a dome-like metal contraption known as peka. The dish is slow-cooked, over 5 to 6 hours and the ingredients, meat, roasted vegetables and even octopus, are heated by hot coals that are on the top and underneath the pot it is cooked in.

I’ll admit that when I first heard, “Octopus,” I certainly had my doubts, but after Caroline provided an extensive discourse on the aromas and flavors that came out of this dish, it sounds like Dalmatian peka is the meal to sample while Traveling Croatia. Though I still think that the daily gelato the group enjoyed would be my personal highlight in the food department.

The People

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, pekaThe local experiences kept on coming, too, like on the fourth day of Caroline’s Croatian Vacation, when the group stopped in on a local stonemason school. It’s one of the last schools in the world dedicated to the discipline, and it’s also the spot where the master stone cutters, who are largely responsible for revamping Dubrovnik’s Old Town, first trained. Though only adolescents, the students of the Stonemasonry School in Pucisca take their work very seriously – and they should. It seems as though the entire world has a close eye on their work as Puciscan limestone has made its way into the fountains of Venice and even the columns of our very own Whitehouse!

The day was capped off by an in-home cooking demonstration where the group learned a bit more about everyday life in Croatia, from local schools and modern-day politics to preparing authentic Croatian Food.

The Biking

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, peka

Though this vacation is certainly a Biking Vacation, it sounds like cycling and swimming went hand-in-hand. Most days on the bike offered stunning views, invigorating climbs and rewarding descents that ended at the bright blue shores of the Adriatic. Not to mention many spins past fields of aromatic lavender.

Caroline filled me in on one of her favorite rides. The optional extended route on Day 7 from Velika Stiniva was a real treat. It was a bit of climb, but eventually Caroline and her group cruised down to a beach that our Trip Leaders, Matej and Vanja, refer to as, “paradise.” Apparently, they were right. As the ride came to an end, the path opened up to a small pristine beach, nestled in a cut-out between two giant rock formations.

Vacation in Croatia, Croatia Vacation, European Destinations, Places to go in Europe, Travel Experience, peka

As residents of Croatia, Matej and Vanja know a thing or two about great views and beautiful beaches. If this secluded little spot is a standout for them, then it has to be amazing!

All in all, Caroline’s first trip to Croatia was an incredible Travel Experience. Her stories have certainly convinced me that Croatia is a premier European Destination. And by the sounds of it, this won’t be her last Croatian Vacation.

VBT Marketing Assistant