Penguin Rescue

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On one of our recent New Zealand Bike Tours VBT travelers added a penguin rescue to their list of memorable encounters while exploring the South Island. During their stay at the Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki, VBT guests Jim, Karen, Mark and Sophie were part of a rescue party, transporting a disoriented Tawaki penguin from a dangerous highway back to the familiar waters of the Tasman Sea. Though it was a close call, the penguin made it safely to his natural environment and the rescue proved to be another one of the many spontaneous, rewarding experiences that make up a VBT Vacation. To read the full story, visit Wilderness Lodge.


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  1. Gerry McSweeney March 7, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    We want to say a special thanks to VBT New Zealand Bike Tour participant Mark Supiano. Not only did Mark help us to release the endangered penguin to the wild, he also took a series of great penguin photos!

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