Flower Shows in Holland

It’s only the second day of spring and already flowers are in bloom! In fact, two of the world’s biggest flower shows can be found this Spring in Holland.

River Cruises, Keukenhof, Floriade

Located in Lisse, just about a half an hour’s drive from Haarlem or Amsterdam, is Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden. Keukenhof has a relatively short season, open to the public from mid-March to mid-April. In 2012, the gardens will open their gates on March 22, and agreeable weather can extend the season almost into May. Though tulips can be the main draw, Keukenhof boasts over 7 million flowers and is the perfect way to ring in the spring for any nature-lover. Just ask VBT travelers, Gee Gee B. and Bill M.

“We decided to use one of our three days in Amsterdam to see the famous Keukenhof Gardens… What we found were very extensive manicured grounds with lawns, flowering and non-flowering trees, ponds, fountains, and large numbers of beautifully designed and kept flower beds… We enjoyed every moment of our time at this special place…”

River Cruises, Floriade, Keukenhof

Also taking place in Holland this spring is Floriade. The unique horticultural event takes place only once a decade and is made up of 5 “worlds” with varying floral themes. The park covers over 160 acres of land, featuring flowers and gardens from around the world. Floriade 2012 will be open from April 5 to October 7. Only a two hour train ride from Amsterdam, you won’t want to miss one of the most exciting horticultural events in the world.

Floriade, River Cruises, Keukenhof

This year, bring in the spring in Holland with VBT! Visit Keukenhof on an extension in Amsterdam on our Holland and Belgium Bike & Barge vacation or on an extension in Haarlem on our Netherlands Bike & Barge vacation. Take in the rare Floriade on an extension in Amsterdam on our Holland and Belgium Bike & Barge vacation. Goede reis!