The Whoopie Pie is Maine’s Official State Treat

Since early spring of 2011, a light-hearted legal debate has been going on in the state of Maine over the unlikeliest of causes: The Whoopie Pie.  Fortunately, both the Boston Globe and freelance writer, Nancy Griffin, have been following developments every step of the way.

On April 20, 2011, a bill was introduced to Maine’s state legislature that designates the Whoopie Pie as Maine’s Official State Treat.  In a noteworthy display of bipartisanism, the bill deems Blueberry Pie the official state dessert.

Whoopies, however, don’t share the same wholesome and clear-cut image that the blueberry pie has historically maintained.  The Whoopie Pie, which is actually made by sandwiching frosting between two cakes, has a much more controversial past than one would assume a confection could claim.  Though Maine has adopted the treat as its own, there remains a dedicated opposition in Pennsylvania, who feels that the state of Maine is stealing their invention. Compounding the contention, Massachusetts has also asserted ownership of the illusive indulgence.  The Whoopie Pie’s origin, however, has yet to be decisively proven.

Regardless of its genuine home state, there is no doubt that the Whoopie Pie is deeply rooted in Maine’s cultural history.  Recipes have been handed down over generations and the delicious concoction of cake and frosting can be found in bakeries all across “Vacationland,” just waiting to be shared and enjoyed.  Treat yourself to our Maine Coast: Purely Acadia vacation, and sample all the Whoopie Pies you can eat as we take in historic lighthouses and breathtaking coastlines, burning off a few tasty calories along the way.