Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Europe

10. The Art in Amsterdam: Try not to get too distracted by the nightlife in Amsterdam and set aside a little time to visit the iconic museums that the city has to offer like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House or the Rembrandt House Museum.

Amsterdam Museum

9.  The food in Italy: It’s not simply pasta and pizza all the time. Travel along the coast and you’ll find plenty of unique and inspired seafood such as ricci di mare or sea urchin. Though it’s not all about pasta and pizza, save a little room, because those are delicious, too!

8.  The Wine of France: When it comes to wine in France, the Localvore movement has been flourishing since the Middle Ages and many French residents take a good deal of pride in their local varietal. Whenever possible, we recommend drinking local. Fortunately, when traveling in France you’re likely to have good luck with the regional vin wherever you happen to be.

7.  The Live Music of Ireland: Sure you should try a Guinness while exploring the Emerald Isle, but try to plan your night on the town so that it coincides with traditional music night. That way you can share a pint and shake a leg with the locals.

Dancing House in Prague

6.  The Architecture of the Czech Republic: Both modern and untarnished, historic buildings adorn the streets of Prague and you’ll feel, both, the history and the youth of the city as you tour the Czech Capital. Plus, you’ll never be late because you can hear the bells of the Astronomical Clock throughout the city.

5.  Late Night Snacks in Spain: No need to sacrifice on food quality simply because it’s after 10—That’s just when things start to heat up in Spain. Enjoy a light meal early to tide you over, and when the sun has dipped well below the Mediterranean, let the tapas begin!

4.  The Islands of Croatia: Offering an Eastern European spin on “Island Life”, Croatia boasts some of the most scenic havens on earth. Just ask Condé Nast Traveler magazine, who consistently rates Hvar among the 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World.

3.  The History of Sicily: Part Greek, part Moorish and wholly Sicilian, this Mediterranean island features fascinating history at every turn. Bring a camera as you ride along its ancient streets and be thankful you’re cycling. It’s much easier to park a bike than it is to park a car on Sicily’s narrow lanes.

Belgian Beer2.  The Beers of Belgium: While the French and the Italians have devoted themselves to wine production, brewing has been elevated to an art form in Belgium. When sampling, just keep in mind that beer can be a bit stronger on the other side of the Atlantic.

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