A Walk with Mozart

Salzburg, Austria

Yesterday, December 5, was the 220th anniversary of the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg Austria, the prolific composer began playing at age three and was writing and performing complete works of music by his fifth year. Influenced by his father, young Mozart spent a good deal of his youth Touring Europe, astonishing audiences with his prodigious talents. Though he spent the latter years of his life in Vienna, it was Salzburg, Austria, that gave one of the greatest composers of classical music his first post as a commissioned musician.

As a court musician in Salzburg, Mozart had the opportunity to explore various musical forms, composing symphonies, serenades and operas. It was also in Salzburg that he developed his only violin concertos, and his first substantial piano concerto, Piano Concerto Number 9 in E flat major. Despite a good deal of success, Mozart eventually left his role in the court to pursue larger and more lucrative positions.

Music in Vienna

Mozart was, in his early career, an avid traveler. Driven by his pursuit of music, he held brief residences in Milan, Munich, and Paris. Yet, he settled in Vienna in 1781. It was here that he found his greatest patrons, as well as a forum to compose freely. An unprecedented achievement, Mozart eventually composed in every genre of his day and he would ultimately complete over 600 pieces of music. His last great work, The Magic Flute, premiered in Vienna on September 30, 1791, and saw instant success. Though Mozart was quite ill at the time, he lived to see the fruition of his last masterpiece, before finally succumbing to what is believed to have been rheumatic fever on December 5, 1791.

Mozart’s illustrious career began quite early, and he ultimately managed to continue his success throughout his short life, passing at 35 years of age. Celebrate the music and travels of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and walk the very streets that he did on a post-trip extension in Salzburg on our Slovenia, Austria & Italy Bike Tour. Or perhaps enjoy a pre-trip visit to Vienna on VBT’s Czech Republic, Germany & Austria Biking vacation and complement your travels with the rich history of one of the world’s most celebrated composers.