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Chestnut Soup Recipe

Christmas Recipe

Chestnuts are a classic ingredient for festive holiday celebrations. The seasonal delicacy can be used in stuffing and custards, or can be enjoyed roasted, all on their own. Chestnuts are prominent in recipes throughout Europe at this time of year, especially in Southern France where their harvest is celebrated fervently with countless creative and inspired dishes. Get in the spirit of the season, and use this Chestnut Soup Recipe as a starter for your own holiday gathering. This recipe serves 4, but it can be easily adjusted to size and taste. Bon appétit!

Daube de Boeuf Provençale

With colder temperatures rolling into New England, it’s a great time of year for a comforting, hearty dish. And what better source for a full, warming meal than Provence, located in the sundrenched south of France. VBT Trip Leader, Pascal, has been kind enough to lend us his take on an exemplary Provence recipe, Daube de Boeuf Provençale. An Avignon native, Pascal has been delighting travelers with his extensive knowledge of his home and his passion for authentic, inspired French cuisine since signing on with VBT. Enjoy this satisfying classic from Provence paired with a bolder Cabernet or a spicy Syrah, and experience just one of the many reasons to join Pascal on our Provence: The Alpilles culinary vacation. Bon appétit!


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